Guide to Everything in Red Dead Redemption

Guide to Everything in Red Dead Redemption
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What Is Red Dead Redemption?

Produced by Rockstar and released in 2010, Red Dead Redemption is the spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver. The game takes place in 1911, following the decline of the wild west. You play as John Marston, an outlaw extorted into turning to the side of law, offering his services as a mercenary and bounty hunter to seek out his former gang members.

With an average rating of 95% on Metacritic and other game ranking sites, Red Dead Redemption is not a game to be missed. It’s won several game of the year awards and has received high praise across the internet. Being an open world sandbox style game, there’s tons to see and do as you progress through the main and side quests the game has to offer. If the core game isn’t enough for you, there’s even DLC to play through for added fun.

Some features of Red Dead Redemption include the industry-standard morality system under the guise of “honor,” cover based shooting with blind fire, “ride-by” shootings, and all the trappings of an old west style game – public hangings, shootouts, dangerous animals in the wild, and gambling.

General Guides and Information

Red Dead Redemption has a lot going for it, from wild animals to a variety of horses to tame and ride. There are plenty of costumes and weapons to unlock as you play through, both in single player and multiplayer. There’s the Undead Nightmare DLC for anyone who has played the main game to death already, and there are always plenty of easter eggs and secrets to find. Of course, for those more interested in the semi-scandalous nature of some scenes, there’s always the nudity. The game has plenty to offer everyone!

Sex and Nudity in Red Dead Redemption


Unlockable Weapons

Red Dead’s Wild Animals

Guide to Outfits

Multiplayer Unlocks

Red Dead Redemption’s Horses

Achievement/Trophy Guide

Undead Nightmare DLC Achievements

Treasure Hunting Guide

Sidequests, Secrets, Glitches, and Easter Eggs

Red Dead Redemption is a big game, and that means it has plenty of potential to mess up. Some of the interesting things you can find are easter eggs. Others are legitimate glitches, and can be quite hilarious. Still other quirks of the game engine allow you to exploit them for an easy foot up, like the cool lasso tricks or the guide to Dueling we have written just for you. Anything else you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments!

Cool Easter Eggs


Lasso Tricks

Top 5 Most Hilarious Glitches

Winning Duels, the Easy Way

Tips and Tricks to Get Ahead

Guide to Cheats in Red Dead Redemption

The Four Horses of the Apocalypse in Undead Nightmare DLC

Undead Treasure Hunter in Undead Nightmare DLC

Complete Mission Guide: Part 1

When we say there is a lot to do in Red Dead Redemption, we’re not kidding. There’s a LOT to do. The missions alone cover a number of hours of gameplay and a vast plot spanning several states and Mexico. Then there’s all the side exploration, the treasure you can find, the wild animals you can fight, and random encounters. Not to mention the chaos you can cause just by deciding you want to mess around for a while and shoot random people. We have a complete guide to each and every mission for you!

Exodus in America


New Friends, Old Problems

This Is Armadillo, USA

Obstacles in our Path

Women and Cattle

Wild Horses, Tamed Passions

A Tempest Looms

The Burning

Political Realities in Armadillo


Justice in Pike’s Basin

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit

Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane

Old Swindler’s Blues

You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except for Profit

Liars, Cheats, and Other Proud Americans

Can a Swindler Change his Spots?

The Sport of Kings, and Liars


Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies

A Gentle Drive with Friends

Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

A Frenchman, an Irishman, and a Welshman

Man is Born Unto Trouble

On Shaky’s Ground

The Assault on Fort Mercer

We Shall be Together in Paradise

Complete Mission Guide: Part 2

There are a ton of missions in Red Dead Redemption, if the above section hasn’t clued you in quite yet. Where that first section ended, this section picks up: setting foot in Nuevo Paraiso in Mexico in the middle of political turmoil. These quests come from Landon Ricketts to begin with, and jumps from NPC to NPC as the game continues on. Follow along for a complete guide to the entire game!

The Gunslinger’s Tragedy


Landon Ricketts Rides Again

Lucky in Love

The Mexican Wagon Train

Civilization, at Any Price

The Demon Drink

Empty Promises

Mexican Caesar

Cowards Die Many Times


The Great Mexican Train Robbery

The Gates of El Presidio

An Appointed Time

At Home with Dutch

For Purely Scientific Purposes

The Prodigal Son Returns to Yale

Bear One Another’s Burdens

Great Men are Not always Wise

And You Will know the Truth


And The Truth Will Set You Free

The Outlaw’s Return


Old Friends, New Problems

By Sweat and Toil

A Continual Feast

John Marston and Son

Wolves, Dogs, and Sons

Spare the Love, Spoil the Child

The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed

Remember My Family


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