Red Dead Redemption Secrets and Easter Eggs

Red Dead Redemption Secrets and Easter Eggs
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Rockstar have long had a tradition of placing humorous references and sly in-jokes in their titles, and hit Western Red Dead Redemption is no different. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best Red Dead Redemption secrets we’ve come across, and some of the easter eggs that can be discovered in the arid lands of New Austin

Red Dead Redemption Secrets

The Terrible Secret Achievement

If you’ve got this one on your Gamercard hang your head in shame. But we’ll tell you how to do it anyway.

Simply lasso then hogtie any poor unsuspecting member of the New Austin public, lug them onto the back of your trusty steed and head on out to the nearest train tracks. Take them off the horse and place them squarely on the train tracks, and then put your boots up and wait. You can probably guess whats coming, and, no, it isn’t pretty.

Paragon of Virtue

Not a secret you’re likely to unlock if you’ve done the above deed, but if you do manage to hit the maximum in the Honor meter, a Nun will appear and place in your hands a potent religious relic. So potent that from now on bullets will have a hard time even hitting you.

This Town is Coming Like a Ghost Town

If you’re one of those desperadoes that just doesn’t like people, then there’s a rather bloody Red Dead Redemption secret that will help you get the piece and quiet you so desperately crave. Simply kill every single living being in a random town of your choosing (and by every single one, we mean it - livestock and all), and for the rest of that singleplayer game the town will remain a deserted ghost town, where no-one dares tread.

Tequila! It Makes You Happy!

keep ordering drinks at any saloon until Marston can’t take anymore. It’s worth the money.

The True Ending

Spoiler Alert! The ending of the game is not the “true” ending. Once you’ve completed it, find a man in Blackwater who will give you the “Remember My Family” sidequest. You’ll also need to do this mission to unlock the last of the Red Dead Redemption Avatar Awards in the singleplayer game.

Red Dead Redemption Easter Eggs

  • Red Dead redemption Marston and Rifle

    Some of the men at the various campsites littering New Austin will tell tales of Red Harlow, the lead character in Red Dead Revolver, if Marston lingers long enough.

  • The town of Plainview, with its mass of oil derricks is a nod to Daniel Plainview, the main character in the film There Will Be Blood.

  • In the graveyard where you first encounter Seth, there is a tombstone for the Unknown Cowboy, both a riff on the Unknown Soldiers buried in Washington, London and Paris and Clint Eastwood’s famous Western persona, the Man with No Name. There is also a grave for Clinton Underwood by Blackwater Chapel.

  • In fact, its worth checking out the inscriptions on many of the tombstones in the game. Plenty of people in New Austin, including Bonnie MacFarlane’s brothers, died mighty strange deaths.

  • In Tumbleweed, a flock of bats fly over every night at 6pm. Sadly you can’t shoot the critters.

  • Talking of Tumbleweed, keep an eye out for the four Horses of the Apocalypse that spawn there.

  • The game is obsessed with urinating. Keep an eye out for the riders out in the brush so desperate they have to hop off and relieve themselves. The dogs in the towns will often do the same. Even West Dickens will get up to it left to his own devices for long enough.


There are plenty more Red Dead Redemption secrets and easter eggs lurking on the plains of New Austin. Rockstar love to stuff their big open world games chock full of hilarious references, so keep your eyes peeled when out on your horse. For more on the game, check out the Bright Hub guide to Red Dead Redemption tips and tricks.

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