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  • My Scariest Video Game
    Can you handle playing a scary video game in the dark? Did one specific game have you so scared you couldn’t sleep at night? This article is all about scary video games.
  • Best Survival Horror Games
    Some of the scariest survival horror games like Silent Hill 2, Dead Space and Amnesia: Dark Descent gave us those terrifying moments we would love to forget. But do you think these are the only games that scored high on the scare meter? Find out what other games have been featured in this list.
  • The Five Best and Funniest Games for Windows PC
    Almost every game developed for the PC has been largely linked with fast-paced action, violence and aggressive conduct. What most games lacked is humor. However, funny video games like Discworld and Simon the Sorcerer changed the gaming scenario completely.
  • The Best Spore-Like Games to Download and Play
    The best Spore-like games let you play with the virtual evolution cycle by interacting with one-celled microorganisms and helping them evolve and survive in the pixilated gene pool. Some are pure artificial life simulators whereas others are avoider games.
  • Top 10 Real-Time and Turn-Based Space Strategy Games
    Master of Orion and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri are some of the best strategy games of all time, but there are plenty more. Let's have a look at ten must-play games that allow players to explore and conquer the vastness of space.

Free PC Gaming

  • The Free-to-Play (F2P) Business Model Is Making Subscriptions Extinct. Good.
    The subscription model is slowly but steadily dying off. This is a good thing. It was never the best model for games, as most people want to play more than one game. The Free-to-Play (F2P) model is replacing it, and it is about time!
  • Why So-called Free Games Are Really Expensive
    Do you want to play video games for free? Do you really think that these free games won’t cost you money? Think again! Find out why the so-called free games may not be worth it after all.
  • The Free to Play MMO Boom: Why Have So Many High-Profile Games Switched to a F2P Model?
    Champions Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online. These are just a few of the formerly subscription-based MMOs that have transitioned to a free to play, microtransaction-supported model. We explore the pros and cons of these switches, and the effect on a game's bottom line.
  • Free Risk Style PC Games
    Risk is an incredibly popular board game, with massive variety and fun, simple combat. However, some players do not have the time or friends to play an old fashioned board game version of Risk. Luckily, there are a few free risk pc games that players can explore.
  • Free Risk PC Game Online
    Do you feel like world domination today? Go old school and play the classic board game Risk online. Discover which top free Risk style PC games everyone is playing. Conquer the globe and score the highest ranking in this challenging strategy based game.

PC Gaming

  • Guide to Horror Gaming on the PC
    Many of us love the thrill of a good gaming scare from time to time. Let’s take a look at some of the best horror games on PC.
  • Reference Guide to Popular Simulation Games
    Here you can find a complete guide to all kinds of simulation games, from business simulation to city builders and airplanes. From scheming to strategy, from the polished to the fun and quick, there is something for everyone here, including game reviews from our enthusiastic player-writers.
  • The Internet's Most Violent Quiz
    Violence has long been a controversial subject among gamers and non-gamers alike. What is acceptable, what's not, and what are the consequences? In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of gaming's association with real world violence.
  • Firsts in RTS History: 25 Questions
    The real-time strategy genre fused elements of traditional board games and table-top strategy. If you think you are quite the RTS buff, try answering these 25 questions about firsts in RTS history.
  • Single Player Games Will Never Die
    There has been plenty of talk about the idea that single player games are finished. Some people in the industry have predicted they will be gone within a few years. In reality this is nonsense and I’ll explain why.

PC Gaming Gear

  • Budget Gaming PC Setup Parts List: the External Components and the Operating System
    In this second and final article of this series, I'll talk about the external components and the OS I selected to complete your sub-$1000 gaming PC system. All items come from Newegg.com. Many items of this system are not on sale, so the total price is highly likely to go down in the short term.
  • Graphics Card Guide for Gamers
    Looking to buy a new gaming computer? Want to upgrade your video card? Need to know the system requirements to a certain game? This article guides you on how to that, and more.
  • Quick, to the Man-Cave! Hints and Tips for Developing an Electronic Gaming Room
    Gaming is a hobby with a wide variety of interest and dedication levels, and players who are dedicated to their pastime may find a private gaming room in their best interest. Learn what factors you should consider with Bright Hub's guide to game room design.
  • The Top 10 Gaming Keyboards for the Best Gaming Experience
    Are you bored with your current keyboard? Are you looking for a gaming keyboard that helps you play your games faster and smarter? This article will look at ten of the best gaming keyboards available on the market.
  • Gaming Gear: Mobile Gaming Essentials
    Gaming on the go can be great deal of fun, but getting the most out of a LAN party or just gaming on the road, in terms of both kill-count and practicality, can be helped with the right gaming gear.

PC Gaming Previews

  • Top Five Most Expected Games of Year 2012
    What is your most anticipated PC game of 2012? I guess it’s going to be a tough question. Because there is lots of PC games are to be released in year 2012 and many of them are really huge franchises. So what do you going to choose from them?
  • The Top 10 Games to Buy for Christmas 2011
    Not sure what to buy for the gamer on your holiday list? This article has you covered with the top gaming choices that will keep them entertained and happy with your gifting choice for this year.
  • Hot Off the Press: Upcoming PC Releases
    We take a look at some of the games coming up in what’s left of 2011, with focus on the upcoming FPS's and RPG games. Included is info on the awaited BurgerTime World Tour.
  • Upcoming MMOs to Drool and Obsess Over
    While Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most highly-anticipated MMOs currently in development, there are several others that are also gaining interest and momentum. These are the games that players are frothing for, the games that we most want in our hot little hands.
  • Top 10 New PC Game Releases
    Fortunately for us avid PC gamers, there are plenty of games coming out over the next couple of summer months. Here is a top 10 list of the most favorable new PC game releases that will surely have any serious gamer salivating over the prospect of playing them. Read on for the full rundown...

PC Gaming Tech

  • Budget Gaming PC Setup Parts List: the PC Case and its Internal Components
    In this first article of my sub-$1000 gaming PC setup parts list, I'll talk about the PC case and its internal components. All items have links to Newegg.com. Of course prices are subject to change; they are likely to go lower, since many items are not even on sale, and prices drop over time anyway.
  • Running a Server - Overview
    Running a top quality server requires planning and excellent management skills. Read this guide to learn what to do to make yours stand out on the list.
  • Running a Server - Angle
    Set yourself above the rest.
  • Troubleshooting Games for Windows Live Startup Problems
    Not too long ago, I had a problem with a Games for Windows Live issue when starting a game. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes that can help turn this problem into a thing of the past. If you get such messages as "Games for Windows Live failed to initialize," these tips should help.
  • How To Create Your Own Computer Game
    Its never easy to create a computer/video game. Hopefully this article will shed some light on the ways that people can go about creating them. Also, this article focuses on the many proprietary software packages that can help newcomers get into game creation. Read on for some tips & tricks...

Worst of PC Gaming

  • When Games Let You Down - A Decade of Disappointments
    As an avid gamer, you look forward to the newest games, especially if they happen to be in that favorite series of yours. You save up, you go out, buy it, play it, and...it's a complete let down. You're not sure what happened, but this game is not what you thought. You aren't alone.
  • Ten of the Worst Gaming Stinkers Ever
    Anticipation turns to anger as the hopeful player purchases that sought-after release, acclaimed by marketing monsters as the "next best thing." Rage and curses best left until after-hours ensue. Here you'll find ten gaming stinkers, across all platforms, that everybody wishes they'd never bought.
  • Why Gamers Think Zynga Games Suck
    Facebook games are highly popular and the biggest developer of such games is Zynga. Even with the huge popularity, many hardcore gamers think that these games are a waste of time and money and lack any great gameplay. What do you think?
  • No Sex Please, We're Gamers: Nudity in PC Games
    In this article we take a look at nudity in PC games over the years and ask why it provokes such moral outrage.
  • Outrage Against the Machine
    The meteoric rise of the video game medium, and its shift from fiddlestick-novelty to cultural phenomenon, has lead to questions regarding its influence in society much like Film and Television. Do video games, particularly violent ones, really have an effect? We attempt to find out in this article.
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