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Alan Wake

  • Alan Wake - Finding The Eleven Radio Shows In Alan Wake
    There are numerous different collectables in Alan Wake, with both the TV shows & Radio Shows providing the most amount of additional content. This article provides a guide to finding the 11 radio shows in the game and obtain the achivement for completing the act.
  • Alan Wake - Guide To Coffee Thermos Locations Part One
    The coffeee thermos are collectable items the player can obtain over the course of Alan Wake's single player story. With 100 of them to collect, there is plenty of room for error. This article provides the first part of a guide to collecting them all.
  • Alan Wake Sequel - Things To Expect If A Second Alan Wake Is Released
    With the recent news about a new Alan Wake project coming from Remedy, it is only right that we theorise some of the things an Alan Wake sequel can do thematically and narratively. This article tries to provide an outline on some of the things a sequel may include.
  • Alan Wake - Information On The Game's Soundtrack
    As with many other video games, Alan Wake's soundtrack is an important cog in the mechanics of the game as a whole. This article provides information on the contents of the soundtrack and other musical elements found in the TV series presentation of the main game.
  • Alan Wake - Details On The Story Within A Story Within A Story
    The Alan Wake story shares many comparisons to the best and worst kinds of self-aware fiction. Not only does it present a post-modernist narrative but it strings it together with hammy dialogue, horror cliches and fantastical elements. Read on for a summary on what makes the story so enjoyable.

Aliens vs. Predator

  • Aliens vs Predator: Playing as a Predator
    If you want to take on the role of a Predator in Aliens vs Predator then you’ll need to master the weapons and find the best tactics to win. Check out this guide to playing as the Predator for details.
  • Aliens vs Predator: Playing as an Alien
    Taking on the role of one of the most vicious species in the universe in Aliens vs Predator can be a lot of fun but you have to know what you’re doing. You’ll find tips and tactics here to help you play as an Alien.
  • Aliens vs Predator: Playing as a Marine
    If you’ve chosen to play the Marine role in Aliens vs Predator then check out this guide to help you with your basic strategy. You’ll find hints and tips to assist you in battle.
  • Aliens vs Predator Weapons Guide
    Whether you are playing as a Marine, Alien or Predator you need to maximise your killing power to complete the campaigns or win multiplayer games online. Check out this Aliens vs Predator Weapon Guide for detailed info on your options.
  • Aliens vs Predator Review
    The new Aliens vs Predator game is out now and it serves up some thrilling first-person action. Find out more in our Aliens vs Predator review.

Alliance of Valiant Arms

ArmA 2

  • Arma 2: Free Beginner’s Walkthrough For Newbies
    Realism never felt so close to home in a military simulator before. Get a few tips and hints for playing the extremely difficult Arma 2 right here at Bright Hub.
  • ArmA 2 Review
    In the latest of the ArmA series, players will once again find themselves fighting through a realistic depiction of war in all its blood, guts and glory.
  • Arma 2 Review for Windows PC
    Arma 2 is a hardcore war gamer's dream with useful controls, intelligent AI, and game play that will challenge the best virtual warrior. You'll need patience to survive this war, and the game play rewards well thought out tactics, so team work is a necessity. Arma 2 contains endless entertainment.
  • ArmA 2 Mods
    Players can modify their ArmA 2 games to change the look of things, put their own national defence force in to the game or add completely new missions and campaigns.
  • The Best Arma II Addons and Mods
    Arma II has one of the most active and dedicated modding communities in PC gaming. Bright Hub takes a look at the best in Arma II addons and mods.


  • An Introduction to BioShock 2's Multiplayer
    The sequel to the critically acclaimed BioShock features a new multiplayer mode that really stand out from other FPS titles. Set traps for your enemies, customize your weapons and becomea Big Daddy and destroy your enemies.
  • Guide to BioShock 2's Multiplayer Weapons
    BioShock 2’s new multiplayer mode features a wide variety of weapons, and this guide will help you get used to your arsenal with info on all the guns and their upgrades, along with tactical tips and other helpful pointers.
  • Bioshock 2 Weapons Guide
    Bioshock 2 is an engaging FPS game with plenty of combat. In this Bioshock 2 Weapons Guide we run through the arsenal at your disposal.
  • Guide to BioShock 2’s Multiplayer Plasmids
    BioShock 2’s new multiplayer mode mixes traditional gameplay with the unique features of the BioShock series. The use of plasmids in multiplayer is a particular standout, and this guide will help you get accustomed to them.
  • Bioshock 2 Review
    If you’re wondering whether to dive back into the depths to revisit Rapture then check out this Bioshock 2 review for an in depth look at the new game.


  • Getting Started with Borderlands
    Whether you bought Borderlands for the PC or for a console, the experience is much the same: awesome. There's plenty to see and do on your quest, and it might be hard to know where to get started. Well we've got all the guides you could want, for weapons, classes, and the game itself. Read on!
  • Borderlands - A Post Apocalyptic RPS Action Title that is Worth a Look
    Borderlands is Gearbox Software’s new sci-fi RPS action game for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. If you like exploring strange futuristic planet terrain and blasting vicious aliens, this game may be for you. Here is a look at this cool title.
  • Borderlands Xbox 360 Weapons Guide
    The loot in Borderlands is highly randomized. Opening a chest always carries the possibility of finding a cool new gun. With some many weapons available it can be difficult to decide which one to use. This guide will help you decide by unveiling information about the weapons.
  • Mods for Borderlands on the PC
    Borderlands was one of the most successful games of 2009. Highly rated by critics and fans alike, the game is also one which is highly modifiable. There are a number of ways players can do this by manipulating the internals of their savegames.
  • Borderlands Walkthrough: The Third Vault Key
    Covering the section of borderlands from the Jaynistown missions to the Rakk Hive and the battle through Old Haven with the Crimson Lance this can help make some of the bigger battles in the game of Borderlands considerably easier.

Brothers in Arms

  • Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 - Walkthrough - Chapter 2
    As we continue our road to hill 30 walkthrough, the 502nd PIR prepares for the invasion of Normandy. Sgt. Baker has offered to jump first, albeit reluctantly: alas something goes wrong. Read on to find out more.
  • Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Cheat Codes
    The codes, hints and tips included in this article can help you become a battle-hardened veteran of Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood that is virtually indestructible. They will add a little more variety to the time you spend with the game and increase your enjoyment.
  • Cheat Codes for Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
    This can be a hard game to beat, especially on the higher difficulty levels. Thankfully you can use the following cheat codes, hints and tips included to get a little more fun out of the game and add variety to your experience.
  • Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood for Windows PC
    Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood continues the adventure that began in Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 with the same brand of first person shooter fun that had you wondering how hell could be so much fun. This edition hasn't evolved much from Road to Hill 30, but is still fun and enjoyable.
  • Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 – Walkthrough – Chapter 6
    Chapter 6 of our walkthrough deals with the Foucarville blockade, where Baker’s fire team must break through an important strategic point in order to take control of the town.


  • Bulletstorm: General 2 Skillshot Walkthrough
    Though the primary bulk of Skillshots are weapon-specific, there are a handful of all-purpose Skillshots that can be performed in any combat situation. Bright Hub's General 2 Skillshot Walkthrough outlines more of these diverse and deadly Skillshots.
  • Bulletstorm: General Skillshot Walkthrough
    Though the majority of Bulletstorms Skillshots are weapon-specific, there are a handful of all-purpose Skillshots that can be performed in any combat situation. Bright Hub's Bulletstorm General Skillshot Walkthrough outlines all of these versatile and gory Skillshots.
  • Bulletstorm: Secret Skillshot Walkthrough
    Several Skillshots correspond to key events during the Bulletstorm storyline. Bright Hub's Bulletstorm Secret Skillshot Walkthrough will outline all of the hidden Skillshots you can discover throughout the course of the campaign.
  • Bulletstorm - Saving Trishka
    We need to save Trishka, or at least find her, if we want off of this ruined world. This walkthrough will cover how to get through the disco and the rest of the ruins as you close the gap between you and Trishka. If you need help with any part, just look here.
  • Bulletstorm - The Fight on the Dam
    We can finally "save" Trishka, but that doesn't mean much until we escape. Our path through the dam won't be easy, but we'll get to blow up some big stuff and make a very tough getaway. That's always a good thing.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 10
    Ray and Thomas are out of the fire only to be thrown back into the frying pan. You'll have to fight a lot of angry Comanche as you escort the rifle convoy through hostile territory. If you are having any problems fighting the natives or rescuing William and Marisa, then just look here for help.
  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 13
    Chapter 13 requires a lot of fighting inside of a dusty ghost town. You'll need to look through the fog to spot Barnsby's men and track him down to the saloon and the church. If you need any help winning the duels, taking the saloon, or beating Barnsby, then just take a look at this guide.
  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 9
    There's a big fight in the mines ahead of you. Ray, Thomas, and William need to escape from Barnsby's trap. It's time for a lot of running down stairs, climbing, and elevator puzzles. If you need any help punching through the Confederate soldiers, then just look at this guide.
  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthough - Chapter 1
    Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood starts off with a bang in chapter 1. You'll need to do a lot of fighting in Civil War trenches to get past all the challenges this level throws at you. I'll cover the early defense, the Gatling defense, the cannon, and blowing up the bridge in this chapter 1 guide.
  • Call of Jaurez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough - Chapter 4
    Things really start to heat up in Bound in Blood. You'll be fighting a whole town of gunslingers as Ray and Thomas chase after Marisa. You'll have to win a duel with the Rattler, kill some snipers, and make a last defense at the church. If you need any help rescuing Marisa, then look here.

Crackdown 2

  • Crackdown 2 Review
    Crackdown 2 is the sequel to the comic book-inspired open world action game Crackdown. Does the newest version live up to the high bar set by the original? Have new developers Ruffian Games done the series justice? Find out in our full review.
  • Crackdown 2 Weapons: Guns for Glory
    There is a wide array of weapons available in Crackdown 2. This guide will tell you what level of skill you need to unlock them and also gives information on the non-Agency guns available in the game.
  • The Vehicles of Crackdown 2
    Getting around Pacific City is best with a car, and there are many in Crackdown 2. This list covers all of the vehicles that you can drive in the game.
  • Crackdown 2 Skills Guide: Skills For Kills, Agent
    The best part of Crackdown 2 is leveling up your agent's skills. This takes you from being a relative nobody into an insane superhero. There are five skills in the game, and each is explained in this skills guide.
  • Crackdown 2 Achievements: Beating Up Zombies for Gamerpoints
    As an open world game with plenty of crazy stunts to pull, Crackdown 2 is great game for earning achievements. In this guide you will find a list of every achievement in the game and the gamerpoints associated with it.


  • Crysis for PS3 - How Does it Compare to the PC Version?
    The original Crysis is now available for the PS3, but does it hold up well to the original PC version of the game? Here we compare features, graphics, and gameplay after having played both versions.
  • A Guide to the Weapons and Enemies in Crysis (PS3)
    If you're finding yourself wondering what weapon to use in Crysis or what attachments to equip, then you'll find information here that will help answer those questions. In addition, information on the enemy types and how to approach them is given.
  • Crysis PS3 Walkthrough: Levels 7 - 10
    If you're stuck on the last few levels of Crysis, you'll find help on where to go here as well as descriptions on what you need to do to defeat the bosses that appear at the end of the game.
  • Crysis Console Walkthrough: Levels 4 - 6
    If you're stuck on levels 4 - 6 for Crysis on the PS3, then this walkthrough will help you out. You'll find directions on where to go during the level. You'll also find the locations of ammo and weapons, alongside details on the various obstacles you may face.
  • Crysis Walkthrough: Levels 1 - 3
    If you're looking for information on what to do for the first three levels of Crysis on the PS3, then you'll find the help you may require here. Directions are given, alongside details of some of the obstacles you may face, and weapon and ammo locations are also described.

Darkest of Days

  • Darkest of Days Walkthrough - A Harvest of Carnage
    It looks like rescuing Joseph Welsh won't be easy. You'll need to fight through one of the bloodiest battles on American soil if you want to find him amongst the firing lines. If you need any help surviving this difficult fight in Darkest of Days, then just take a look here
  • Darkest of Days Walkthrough - Hide and Seek
    It's finally time to rescue Joseph Welsh. After you help him deliver the important orders, you'll be sucked into one last battle for the Union. If you need any help surviving this search and rescue mission, then just take a look at this part of the guide.
  • Darkest of Days Walkthrough - Battle for Holy Ground
    It's time to go back to the Civil War and make another attempt to pull Joseph Welsh out of the fire. You'll need to help the Union attack the Confederate forces at the Church and then hold it against one very strong counterattack. If you need any help, then look here.
  • Darkest of Days Walkthrough - A Rebel Yell
    It's time for our final trip to the Civil War. We need to help the Confederacy regain their strength to set things back to normal. There's also a lost superweapon that needs to be recovered. If you need any help taking on these incredible odds, then just take a look here.
  • Darkest of Days Walkthrough - A Burnsides Too Far
    The 3rd Arc begins with a new target. You need to safely pull Jonathan Welsh from the Civil War, too. This means being pushed into another tough battle. You'll need to help take the bridge and break the Confederate line if you want to find Welsh and escape.

Dead Space

  • Dead Space - A Journey into Fear
    Dead Space is an eerie horror, sci-fi action game that will test your fears, nerves and reflexes. You and your team are sent on a mission to do some repairs on a mining ship. Unfortunately, it is inhabited by vicious and creepy monsters who can adapt to your attacks. Do you dare play? Find out.
  • Dead Space 2 - Taking the fight to the Necomorphs.
    We take a little look at the sequel of the survival-horror success ,Dead Space. What changes can we expect and how will this game differ from its predecessor?
  • Dead Space Walkthrough, Chapter 2: Intensive Care
    Stuck in the monster-ridden corridors of USG Ishimura? Worry not, this walkthrough will get you through the puzzling moments while not spoiling the storyline and feeling of dread.
  • Guide to Chapter 6, Environmental Hazard, in Dead Space
    Completing Chapter 6 will have brought you through half of the game - quite an accomplishment! By getting this far, you will have learned the basics and the logic of puzzles in the game, but some moments can still be confusing and this walkthrough is here to help.
  • Dead Space Walkthrough, Chapter 3: Course Correction
    Continue your voyage through the USG Ishimura, slay monsters and look in this walkthrough if you ever get stuck or confused in your path through this unfriendly ship.

Doom III

Duke Nukem

  • What Duke Nukem Forever Did Right
    After it's ridiculously long development cycle, Duke Nukem Forever has been attacked across the internet as a generally bad game. That's not to say it's all bad, however. Most reviews focus on the negative, without telling you what DNF managed to do right. Read on, and I'll tell you.
  • The Duke's Reign: Hail to the King
    Duke Nukem is one of the major FPS games, though it hasn't always been that way. It's changed a lot over the years. Curious about the history of the Duke? Read on to find out all about his sordid history with the FPS genre and gaming in general.
  • Find All the Duke Nukem Achievements and Ego Rewards
    Duke Nukem Forever was supposed to shape the way video games were perceived by the world and bring something new to the table. It didn't quite live up to that hype, but it's still an Xbox game, so it still has achievements. Where there are achievements to be earned, there are guides!
  • Make Me a Hero: Blank Canvas is Best
    For true immersion in a game, especially a shooter, it’s best to have a blank canvas as your main character. Loud, crazy, macho, video game heroes just aren’t appealing and no one can identify with them.
  • Retro Gaming Review: Duke Nukem 3D for PC
    The much-played and much-maligned Duke Nukem 3D holds an important place in gaming history not just for its gameplay, but for its imagery.


Far Cry 2

  • The Ultimate Far Cry Series Guide
    The Far Cry series is one of the most visually amazing first person shooter series ever made. With their signature sandbox style of gameplay and hectic gunfights, it can be overwhelming to play a Far Cry game. Keep reading below for an in-depth guide into everything Far Cry.
  • Far Cry 2: Primary weapon types
    In the second part of our guide we will look at what kind of primary-slot weapons you can hold, and what their capabilities are. Bear this in mind when you undertake a mission, for these types of weapons will most likely be what you use most: your ‘life-insurance’, so to speak...
  • Far Cry 2 - Guide on weapons: A general outlook.
    This five-part guide will offer details on the major weapons available in ‘Far Cry 2’. In the first part, we will look at how weapons are implemented in the game and the additions made
  • How to Make Multiplayer Maps in Far Cry 2
    This Far Cry 2 map maker guide takes you through the steps of creating multiplayer maps you can use in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Hunt The Diamond, and Uprising modes. Edit terrrain, add water and textures, buildings, explosives and weapons, the choice is yours.
  • Far Cry 2 Walkthrough - Tutorial Missions
    The first chapter of our Far Cry 2 guide, which will deal with the initial tutorial missions in order to begin the faction missions later on. The tutorial missions are important to get a feel for the game and find your way around.

Global Agenda

  • Global Agenda Review
    What is Global Agenda? Good question, and a hard one to answer. I could spend all day comparing it to other games and still not really describe the game accurately. But putting that aside, the bigger question is - is Global Agenda a good game?
  • Global Agenda Character Guide: Recon General Strategy
    The Recon is a fast-moving class with a lot of power to kill opponents. But what, exactly, should the Recon be doing in the team-based environment of Global Agenda? This Recon strategy guide will help you make your teammates love you.
  • Global Agenda Recon Skill Builds: The Meleecon, Snipercon, and Bombercon
    The Recon in Global Agenda is built to harass the enemy team, keeping them off guard and destroying vital objectives. There are three different ways which a Recon can do this. This skill build guide suggests three great Recon skill builds and gives tips about their playstyles.
  • Global Agenda Recon Guide: Weapons
    The Recon has a limited number of weapons compared to, say, the Assault class, but the weapon the Recon picks is still very important. This guide to the Recon class discusses the Recon rifle and the two sniper rifles in the game.
  • Global Agenda Preview: Spy-Fi Shooter Action
    Global Agenda is another sci-fi styled MMORPG due for release in the coming months. It has a strong focus on class based action with fast paced third-person shooter battles as agencies fight huge real time wars for ascendancy. Characters can develop RPG style and there are jetpacks and katanas.

Goldeneye 007

Half Life

  • The History of the Half-Life Game Series
    Half-Life is one of the most influential PC game series. Since the first Half-Life game was unveiled the Half-Life game series has been expanded with several great additions. This Half-Life history article covers the history of the Half-Life series from the rise of Valve up to the present day.
  • Review: Half-Life: Opposing Force for Windows PC
    A companion game to the original Half-Life, Opposing Force puts you in the shoes of Corporal Shephard. You are a Marine commando assigned to infiltrate the Black Mesa facility that Gordon Freeman fought desperately to escape. Only now, there are a few more surprises waiting for you.
  • Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 10: Anticitizen One - The Fight to the Factory
    Gordon Freeman now has to go forward without Alyx. This final part of the chapter takes you to a well defend factory to meet up with Barney and finish the assualt. If Half-Life 2 is throwing too much at you in Chapter 10, then you just have to check this guide for the tips and tricks you need.
  • Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 10: Anticitizen One - Reaching the Barricade
    This Half-Life 2 walkthrough covers all the fighting that occurs at the start of chapter 10: Anticitizen One. If you are having trouble leading your squad, fighting through the hopper mines, or killing the civil protection and Combine along the way, then just check out this guide.
  • Half-Life 2 Walkhrough - Chapter 10: Anticitizen One - The Barricade and the Car Park
    It's time to kick things up a notch for this next stage of Half-Life 2. You'll have to storm a heavily fortified Combine barricade and then take the fight into the nearby car park. Hordes of Combine stand between you and the next base. Check out this walkthrough for all the help you need to win.


  • Hitman: Blood Money Level 6 Walkthrough
    Level 6 in Hitman: Blood Money is one of the most difficult levels as it has multiple objectives. This Hitman Blood Money walkthrough explains how to sneak past security cameras, assassinate targets and find a safe escape route.
  • Hitman: Blood Money PC Game Review
    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a top-notch assassin for hire, traveling the world to exotic spots, hob-nobbing with the elite and living a life of danger and intrigue?. Eidos Interactive and IO Interactive have your back with your latest Hitman fix.
  • Hitman Codename 47: Assassinate with Style!!
    Hitman: Codename 47 allows gamers to step into the shoes of a professional contract-killer whose objective is to assassinate wealthy terrorists and crime lords with silence and style. With excellent gameplay and an engaging storyline, the game promises dramatic non-stop action in lovely locales.
  • Hitman: Blood Money – Walkthrough – Death of a Showman
    Here is the first part of our “Hitman: Blood Money" walkthrough, where we go through the first mission; although branded as a tutorial it feels like a proper mission and you will learn a thing or two on how to play the game.
  • Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Cheats and Unlockables
    Hitman 2 Silent Assassin is based on a unique ranking system that rewards the intellectual gamer. This tactical stealth based shooter boasts loads of cheat codes and unlockables. Here are some top Hitman 2 cheat codes and weapon unlockables for Windows PC.

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

  • Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough - Chapter 7 - The Deal
    After everything that's happened, we now have to deal with Glazer's betrayal. I'll help you shoot your way through the mercenaries in the warehouse and then get past the soldiers sent to make sure that Glazer finished the job. If yo need some help with the battle at the port, look here.
  • Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough - Chapter 4 - Laying Low
    Kane and Lynch just can't catch a break. It seems that Shangsi, their new and very powerful enemy, just sent a bunch of secret police officers to raid their hideout. We need to shoot our way out of the restaurant, get past the police and snipers and make it to Xiu's apartment.
  • Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough - Chapter 8 - Out of Shanghai
    It's time for Kane and Lynch to get out of the country. We need to make our way out of the shipyard and catch any train that's leaving Shanghai. This isn't going to be easy due to all the soldiers looking for us. I'll help you get through the warehouse and onto the train for a slow escape.
  • Kane and Lynch 2: Dogs Days - Review
    Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days takes the pair out on what amounts to a very long gun battle across Shanghai. Unfortunately the action and adventure isn't much longer than a standard movie and the multiplayer leaves a lot to be desired. Read below to see why you may want to reconsider buying this game.
  • Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough - Chapter 6 - A Thousand Cuts
    Lynch's plan didn't go so well. He's bleeding to death and naked in an abandoned building. I'll help you save Kane, grab a gun from a guard in the parking lot and fight your way through the police officers blocking your escape. If you need help finding some clothes and escaping, look here.


L.A. Noire

  • L.A. Noire: A Comprehensive Guide
    L.A. Noire can be beaten by anyone, but will you get the full story that way? Like any good noir book or movie, things are complicated with backstabbing and reversals. Luckily, here are some guides to give you as much or as little help as you want on this gritty 1940's crime game.
  • L.A Noire: A Glimpse Into The Future
    LA Noire has really upped the stakes in terms of video games graphics and the level of player interaction involved in gaming. It allows players to interact with characters on a level that has never been reached before and immerse themselves into an almost virtual reality.
  • L.A. Noire - Tracking Down the Gas Man
    We're on the outs for now. Phelps is back on the arson desk, but we still have cases to work. For this first case on the arson desk, we'll need to figure out the links between two house fires and chase down the suspects at the gas company.
  • L.A. Noire - The Set Up
    We've actually got a big break from the overall arc. We just need to look at a new scam in a prize fight, and figure out a tangled web of betrayals and backstabs. If you need help with this case, just look for more information below.
  • What L.A. Noire Got Wrong - How Rockstar Failed to Deliver
    However good the premise of L.A. Noire is, it's far from perfect. Story and plot spoilers abound in the following article, so if you haven't played the game yet, bookmark this article and come back afterwards. You'll certainly agree with all of these complaints once you've seen them yourself.

Mafia 2

  • The Ultimate Guide to Mafia 2
    From Goodfellas to The Godfather, Mafia 2 is a sum of all things mobster. Mafia 2 was released to critical acclaim in August of 2010. So leave your guns, take your cannolis and check out the ultimate Mafia 2 guide to learn everything about this masterpiece mobster game.
  • Mafia 2 - Fighting the Wild Ones
    Nothing is ever simple in Mafia 2. Our day of selling stolen cigarettes is ruined by a few well armed greasers. This naturally leads to a fairly profitable day of retribution though, so it's a fairly good day overall. If you need help with the greasers or the cigarettes, look here.
  • Mafia 2 - Raiding Mr. Wong's Lab
    We're on a mission of revenge for this one. We need to kill Mr. Wong and try to get our money back from his hideout at the Red Dragon. I'll walk you through the long firefight in the restaurant and the stealth section in the drug lab and finish off with instructions for a clean escape.
  • Mafia 2 - Humble Beginnings
    Mafia 2 starts out in World War II. We're taking part in Operation Husky and we need to storm an Italian town hall to rescue some prisoners and take out the soldiers hunting for the resistance. If you need some help fighting through the first level of Mafia 2, then look here.
  • Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Jimmy's Vendetta - Car Theft Missions
    In Jimmy's Vendetta, you can steal a number of cars. This include some fast driving missions and a few unique challenges. I'll tell you how to steal all of the cars successfully and ultimately work your way up to the "Carnapper" achievement in Jimmy's Vendetta.

Medal of Honor


  • PS3 Mercenaries 2 Cheat Codes & Achievements
    If you are wondering if there are any Mercenaries 2 cheats and unlockables for the PS3, then look no further. Here is a handy little list. Also includes achievement titles and the corresponding gamerscore points.
  • Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
    Seeing this title at your local gaming store and thinking of picking it up? Well, you should probably read this review first to determine if it's really worth that money or not as Mercenaries 2 does not score well with me. This is one better left alone.
  • Mercenaries: World in Flames PS3 Game Review
    Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is the kind of game you can almost play without a mind, just use your senses and your bound to have a great time. If you want more for your time and money, then you probably want to look around a bit more for a title that will give you what you want in a game.
  • Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction - An Xbox Game Review
    Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction was the hit game that inspired the current hit sequel, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. This game plays like a military version of Grand Theft Auto, and offers the player plenty of stuff to do.
  • Mercenaries 2: World in Flames - PC Game Review
    A review about the continuation of Mercenaries which will lead us to exotic Venezuela in the year 2010. As in any other shooter, our task will be to kill, kill and kill again. Picking up one of the three characters, we will have to fight our way through the jungles by being mercenaries

Metro 2033

  • Metro 2033 Strategy Guide
    Need some help with Metro 2033? Check out this general strategy guide for some hints and tips to help you survive this horror FPS.
  • Metro 2033 Weapons Guide
    Find out all about the weapons at your disposal in this excellent FPS survival horror. This is our Metro 2033 Weaponry Guide.
  • Metro 2033 Enemy Guide
    Want to know what you’re up against in Metro 2033? Check out our enemies guide for a breakdown of the main threats to your survival.
  • Metro 2033 Review
    Are you ready to descend into the horror filled Moscow metro system of 2033? Find out why you should definitely jump aboard this creepy FPS in our review.
  • Metro 2033: The Last Refuge - The Demise of Humanity?
    The next great apocolypse game, Metro 2033 will attempt to satisfy your need for FPS action while providing a decent storyline as well. Is this game just another title in the genre or will it prove to be a worthwhile adventure?

Other Shooter Games



  • Rage - Jackal Canyon Walkthrough
    Things are never easy. It seems like the ark that we need is buried in the middle of a canyon that currently houses heavily armored psychotic bandits. This final bandit raid will at least give you a chance to use all of your firepower and go out in style.
  • Rage - A Dead City and an Occupied Well
    Things are going to get a little crazy. We're not just raiding hideouts anymore. Our work for Mayor Clayton will led us to Doctor Kvasir, which will eventually take us to the mutant infested dead city. If you can manage to fight your way out, you'll end up battling bandits for the Wellsprings well.
  • Rage - Getting Your Own Buggy
    If you're going to make it anywhere in the wasteland, you'll probably need to get something a bit more powerful than the borrowed ATV. If you're willing to kill some bandits, you can get the parts to fix up your new dune buggy, and you might even be able to make the run to Wellspring.
  • Rage - Weapon and Ammo Choices
    Rage is a fairly old school FPS, which means that you have an entire arsenal on your back, some of which is completely ridiculous in its power. If you'd like to learn more about when to use which of your killing implements, just look for some tips below.
  • Rage - Welcome to Subway Town
    We're in a new place, but things aren't exactly going well for us. We need to convince Redstone that we're valuable, which means taking on a subway station full of mutants and setting off a whole lot of explosives in the process. If you need some help, just look inside.


Team Fortress 2

  • Team Fortress 2
    The Team Fortress 2 multiplayer first-person-shooter video game is a team based competitive game which requires skill, experience and strategy. Here is a guide to different team classes, characters, weaponry, maps and strategies.
  • Hatless & You - What to Expect from the Team Fortress 2 Hatless Update
    Valve once again surprised its Team Fortress 2 Community with the release of a new update; one that's having heads and scalps alike spinning! The new update, ironic to the past ones, features NO new hats - but instead scalps for users to go hatless in their upcoming major update to the franchise.
  • Team Fortress 2 Unlock Guide
    Team Fortress 2 has been updated many times by Valves, and part of those updates has been the addition of new weapons and achievements for each class. However, these unlocks are not very well documented - which is why I've complied this list of all the unlockables and how to get them.
  • Team Fortress 2 : A Guide to Unusual Hats and the Unusual People Who Collect Them
    Ever wondered what the fuss over unusual hats in TF2 is all about? Well wonder no more, because this primer will fill you in on all the details of unsual hats and unusual hat trading! Finally you can understand what your TF2-obsessed friends are talking about!
  • Understanding the Hats and Hat Addiction In Team Fortress 2
    Dive into the intricate and aggressive world of hat trading in this complete guide listing of hats in Team Fortress 2! Never be lowballed again due to your lack of knowledge on a hat!



  • Unreal Tournament 3 Cheat Codes and Hints
    Unreal Tournament 3 has a number of codes you can enter to give you an associated bonus and make the experience of playing this difficult game a lot more fun and entertaining, especially for the casual player, who wants to spend quality time with this title, but isn't planning on making it a career.
  • Unreal Tournament: The 1999 Release That Started it All
    Unreal wasn't always a sports shooter. In 1999 Unreal Tournament was first released, and it set the bar high for multiplayer oriented shooters for years after. Large numbers of unique weapons coupled with atmospheric worlds made UT an engrossing frag fest capable of sucking away the hours
  • Unreal Tournament 3 Game Review
    Unreal Tournament 3 kicks the fast-paced action into gear and rocks your gaming world, with breakneck, supercharged game play and immersive environments sure to draw you in and keep you entertained. Run wild and free as a heavily armored and thickly muscled war god in an amazing sci-fi environment.
  • Creating Lights, Textures & Player Starting Location with Unreal Editor 3
    In our last tutorial we created 2 rooms, a hallway to connect them and I showed you how to apply textures to the walls, the floor and the ceilings. In this tutorial we are going to place lights so we can see where we are going, align the textures so they match up and player starting location.
  • Introduction to Unreal Engine 3: Creating Your own Level in Unreal Tournament 3
    The Unreal Engine is included with all of EPICs games which includes the unreal series and the Gears of War series. This purpose of this article is to introduce you to the Unreal 3 Engine and to get you started in creating your own levels.


  • Wolfenstein Review
    This reboot of a fondly remembered FPS classic is a blast of familiar Nazi killing action with an occult flavour. Is it a worthy tribute? Find out in this review.
  • Wolfenstein Achievements and Cheats: What You Need To Know
    The FPS action Wolfenstein provides is intense and impressive. Although Wolfenstein cheats are few, the list of unlockable achievements is huge. Here are some of the best single player achievements and cheats for Wolfenstein to double up your gameplay enjoyment
  • Wolfenstein Review: Your Game Gateway To Old School Wolfenstein
    Wolfenstein mixes Nazi intrigue and necromancy into a tale that provides this slightly-flawed action title with entertainment value that will keep you immersed in the action throughout the adventure. The level of the challenge in the game play does vary a bit and there are a few small issues.
  • Wolfenstein Hints and Tips
    Here are a few hints and tips to help you complete the FPS game Wolfenstein on the PC. You can also find out how to unleash your wrath on some pumpkin head Nazis.
  • Wolfenstein Powers Guide
    This is a guide to your Veil related special powers and all of their available upgrades in Wolfenstein.