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The Complete Guide to Dragon Age: Origins

Your journey through the first Dragon Age game will probably be difficult. There are darkspawn to fight, side quests to complete and one very long main quest to advance. Are you concerned about missing something on your playthrough, or building a bad character? Our full selection of guides can help.

Dragon Age 2 DLC Expansion Review

It’s been over four months since Dragon Age 2 came out. If you’ve been itching for some added gameplay, it’s finally arrived in the form of Dragon Age 2: Legacy. Is Bioware’s first DLC outing worth a return to the Free Marches? Read on to find out.

The Top 10 Best Dragon Age 2 Mods

Love Bioware’s seminal action-rpg Dragon Age games? Then you absolutely have to check out some good DA2 mods. Improved textures and graphics, HUD options, and even evolving weapons are just a few examples of the top 10 best Dragon Age 2 mods available today. Keep reading to find out more.