5 Funny Red Dead Redemption Glitches: Hilarious Stuff

5 Funny Red Dead Redemption Glitches: Hilarious Stuff
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Red Dead Redemption launched a success, with well over 1 million copies being sold on day 1, and came to much critical acclaim. Most people who have played Red Dead Redemption will surely know of the many glitches that exist in the Wild West- and probably know that the glitches aren’t “game-breaking”, but “simply funny”.

Below you will find a list of 5 funny glitches in Red Dead Redemption, I suggest you get another pair of underwear ready.

Donkey Woman

I honestly don’t know how to explain this one, mostly due to the fact that I’m still giggling from watching it.

A couple of guys were playing Red Dead Redemption and had experienced the “Donkey Woman” bug twice before taking out their camera and finding it for the third time.

Basically, the Donkey Woman glitch occurs when the game’s AI code gets a little bit mixed up, and it just so happens that the code with the woman and donkey got mixed up, which in turn gave the woman a couple of the donkey’s traits (being able to ride her, sound etc..).

To watch the video, click here.

Rocket Horse

Tired of riding your horse? Finding it a bit slow? Well, the “Rocket Horse” hopes it can help.

The person recording the glitch had already had it happen to him once, and decided to get his camera and see if it worked a second time- and to his amazement, it did.

Red Dead 2

The player find a group or horses with their hooves stuck in the ground, which causes its body to jump crazily- this is due to the game trying to place the horse back where it belongs, but fails. The outcome? Well, let’s just

To see the video, click here.

Invisible Horse

Yet another glitch that involves a poor horse.

The name of this glitch is pretty self explanatory- it’s an invisible horse.

Red Dead 3

The invisible horse glitch mostly occurs during Multiplayer games, specifically “Free Roam” mode. There is no trick to this glitch, it, like the other two glitches mentioned above, is completely random; however this glitch is more frequent.

To see the glitch in action, click here.

Heat Seeking Dynamite

This glitch is a pretty useful one, actually.

Prior to this glitch, the player states that he “was messing around with Dead Eye”. This glitch allows you to throw Dynamite that actually follows the enemy when you’re using the Dead Eye feature (Dead Eye, for those of you unaware, is a feature in Red Dead Redemption that allows you to go into slow-motion).

Red Dead 4

As I’ve said above, the glitch is actually quite useful- but don’t expect to be completing your Bounty Hunter missions with this exploit, as once again, it’s completely random.

To watch the video, click here.

Man Bear Pig

This has to be the funniest glitch I’ve ever witnessed in Red Dead Redemption.

Like the “Horse Woman” glitch, this one once again gets the AI codes a little bit mixed up, and gives an innocent man a couple of wild pig traits.

Red Dead 5

What’s funny about this glitch is that the “Man Bear Pig” will actually attack horses, AI and even you- as well as run like a crazy man.

To view the video, click here.

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