Red Dead Redemption Weapons List: Full Gun Guide and Information on How to Unlock Guns in the Game

Red Dead Redemption Weapons List: Full Gun Guide and Information on How to Unlock Guns in the Game
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Red Dead Redemption Weapons

In a violent world like that of Red Dead Redemption, a good weapon can mean the difference between success and a permanent slumber in a shallow grave.

Luckily, the developers at Rockstar saw fit to include a veritable arsenal of instruments of death in their western masterpiece and, with our help, you can unlock them all.

The Lasso

The lasso is a very useful tool, allowing you to rope horses for breaking, pedestrians for dragging, and bad guys for hog tying.

You can use it while on horseback or on foot, and it is one of the most enjoyable toys to play with in the world of Red Dead Redemption.

To unlock it, simply complete the “Wild Horses, Tamped Passions” mission. Get the mission early on from Bonnie MacFarlane.


Red Dead Redemption unlockable revolver

There are seven different pistols to unlock in the game, ranging from trusty revolvers to new-fangled automatics. With various calibers and ammo capacities, you’re sure to find one to your liking.

You can get the Double-Action Revolver by clearing out the Tesoro Azul gang hideout.

Unlock the High-Power Pistol during the mission “Bear One Another’s Burden.”

You can purchase the Lemat Revolver for the hefty sum of $1,250 at the Escalara Gunsmith, but not until after you’ve participated in the Revolution.

The Mauser Pistol is available at the gunsmith in Blackwater. Buying it will set you back $800.

You’ll have to complete the “The Gunslinger’s Tragedy” mission to unlock the powerful Schofield Revolver.

For the more modern Semi-Automatic pistol, you’ll either have to clear out the Fort Mercer Hideout or purchase it at the gunsmith in Escalara for $300.

Finally, the Volcanic Pistol can be yours in one of two ways: either clear out the Twin Rocks Hideout, or simply buy it from the Armadillo Gunsmith for 100 of your hard-earned dollars.

Sniper Rifles

If taking out unsuspecting foes from afar is more your speed, then you’re sure to enjoy either of the sniper rifles available in Red Dead Redemption.

To unlock the first, the Carcano Rifle, you’ll have to spend $1,100 at the gunsmith in the town of Blackwater.

The Rolling Block Rifle, however, is yours free during the “Empty Promises” mission.


Red Dead Redemption unlockable weapons the repeater

Sometimes a pistol simply isn’t enough, you need the most powerful of the Red Dead Redemption Weapons, the rifles. There are seven different rifles to unlock, ranging from the powerful Buffalo Rifle to the classic western standby, the Winchester Repeater.

To unlock the Bolt Action Rifle, you must first complete the “The Gates of El Presidio” mission. Afterward, you can purchase it at the Escalara Gunsmith for $750.

The Buffalo Rifle is yours after you complete the level 5 Master Hunter Challenge. You can then buy it at any gunsmith for $475.

To get the Evans Repeater, simply buy it from the gunsmith in Blackwater.

The Henry Repeater will take a bit of effort to unlock, as you’ll have to clear the Nosalida Hideout to do so.

As your reward for completing the “New Friends, Old Problems” mission, the Repeater Carbine will be unlocked.

To get the Springfield Rifle, you’ll have to either wait until you complete the “We Shall Be Together in Paradise” mission, clear the Gaptooth Breach Hideout, or just buy it from the Thieves' Landing Gunsmith for $300.

Finally, the trusty Winchester Repeater can be unlocked by either Completing the “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit” mission or purchasing it from the Armadillo Gunsmith for $350.


Red Dead Redemption Weapons

There are four shotguns to choose from amongst the Red Dead Redemption Weapons, the Double-Barrel, Pump-Action, Sawed-Off, and Semi-Auto. These powerful close-range weapons can decimate foes in your immediate vicinity, but are kind of weak at longer ranges.

The first, the Double-Barreled Shotgun is obtained after the “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit” mission. Once it’s finished, you can purchase the double barrel at the gunsmith in Armadillo for $150.

To get the Pump-Action Shotgun, you’ll have to complete the Red Dead Redemption mission “And the Truth Will Set You Free.”

The Sawed-Off Shotgun can be purchased at the Thieves' Landing Gunsmith after you clear the Pike’s Basin Hideout.

Finally, the Semi-Auto Shotgun can simply be purchased from the gunsmith in Escalera for the lofty sum of $1,000.

Throwing Weapons

Red Dead Redemption Weapons Dynamite

If you’ve got a good arm, then you can probably do quite a bit of damage with these weapons. Whether you’re looking for a way to deliver a silent kill or blow the crap out of an enemy stronghold, there’s surely something here to please you.

The Dynamite is unlocked during the “Father Abraham” mission. Afterward, you can purchase it at stores all over the frontier.

The molotov-like Fire Bottle is unlocked during the “The Demon Drink” mission. Afterward, you’ll be able to pick it up at just about any store for a small fee.

Finally, the silent but deadly Throwing Knife is obtained during the mission “The Great Mexican Train Robbery.” Like the other two, you can buy it at just about any store from then on.

Red Dead Redemption is a fantastic game, and the variety of available weapons just makes it that much better.

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