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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "New Friends, Old Problems"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Your second Red Dead Redemption mission begins with a tour of your new home, the MacFarlane Ranch, and ends with a late-night patrol alongside Miss Bonnie MacFarlane. Along the way you'll get a feel for your surroundings and get your first taste of gunplay.

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    Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide

    The second mission in your Red Dead Redemption career takes place several days after the end of "Exodus in America." John wakes up in an unfamiliar setting, bandaged up and on a bed.

    The door opens, and in walks your first mission contact, Miss Bonnie MacFarlane. She gives her opinion of your previous exploits and tells the tale of your rescue and recovery.

    John eventually introduces himself and makes it to his feet, and Bonnie invites him to join her on patrol as a means of repaying her for saving his life.

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    The MacFarlane Ranch

    Red Dead Redemption Bonnie MacFarlane Missions After the initial cinematic, you're given a chance to wander on your own for the first time. A quick rundown of movement controls will appear onscreen in case you've forgotten.

    You can check out the ranch a bit, though none of the shops are open yet, or you can head straight up to the house to meet Bonnie. Just head toward the blue dot on your mini map. You should find Bonnie on the porch.

    After you meet up with her, she'll invite you to take a ride. Follow Bonnie over to the pair of nearby horses and press the "Y" or "Triangle" button to mount up. Bonnie will take you on a tour of the ranch, to help familiarize you with your new surroundings. Just hold down the "A" or "X" button to have your horse ride alongside hers, making course corrections when necessary. You can press the "B" or "Circle" button to focus on important locations as she describes them.

    Bonnie will point out the General Store, Foreman's Office, Corral, Train Station, and Barn. Afterward, ride up to the hitching post where you first mounted up and press "X" or "Square" to secure your horse. Afterward, follow Bonnie back to the house.

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    Late Night Patrol

    Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough Bonnie will offer you a cold drink and a place to rest. When John awakes, night has fallen. Bonnie will give you a new Repeater Carbine and invite you to head out on patrol with her. Head back to your horse and mount up.

    Just like before, hold the "A" or "X" button to ride alongside her. Your first stop is the garden.

    Rabbits have invaded the garden and are eating up all the vegetables. Press the "LT" or "L2" button to draw your carbine and take care of them. Pressing the button when you're aiming near a target will cause you to track it automatically.

    There are five rabbits to take care of. You should be able to dispatch them all fairly quickly, thanks to the auto aim ability.

    Get Your First Taste of Shooting in New Friends Old Problems Afterward, follow Bonnie around the corner to the Corral, where a group of coyotes are attacking the livestock. They'll need to be taken care of quickly before they kill any chickens, so use your auto aim to take them out as rapidly as possible. You can get a few on the run as you approach, then take out the rest at the chicken coop.

    After the coyotes are taken care of, Bonnie will lead you back to your bunk. Ride up to the hitching post marked with an "X," then hitch your horse. Bonnie will thank you for your help and bid you goodnight.

    After a quick introduction to the features of your bunk, the mission will end. Congratulations, your second Red Dead Redemption mission is complete.

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