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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "The Gunslinger's Tragedy"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In your first mission for new contact Landon Ricketts, you'll receive both an upgrade to your Dead Eye ability and a shiny new Schofield Revolver. You'll also have a chance to put both to the test almost immediately when Landon recruits you for a rescue mission.

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    "The Gunslinger's Tragedy"

    Red Dead Redemption Landon Ricketts One of your first two contacts in Mexico is Landon Ricketts, an aging gunslinger who used to be one of the fastest guns in the west.

    He'll introduce you to the final level of your Dead Eye ability, and serve as a contact for the beginning of your time in Mexico.

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    Quite a Welcoming Committee

    Red Dead Redemption Weapons Just walk into the town of Chuparosa to get started on the "The Gunslinger's Tragedy" mission. Three Mexicans are sitting together as you approach, and they rise and surround you. They don't seem to like Americans.

    One of the gentlemen suggests that you should pay a tax for entering the country as another takes your hat and makes off with it. After they demand you remove your boots, John draws and fires, retrieving his hat in the process.

    Landon Ricketts has been sitting nearby the whole time, and isn't excited about your killing people in his town. He is also less than impressed at your gun-handling skills. He offers to teach you a few tricks after the two of you exchange no names.

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    Schooled by a Master

    John Shoots Vultures John shows off his skill shooting bottles while Landon watches, and John and Landon finally exchange names and stories. Ricketts has been living the quiet life in Mexico, and a second revolution seems to be brewing in the area.

    As John gets back to practicing his shooting, Landon gives him the powerful Schofield Revolver, a definite upgrade from anything previously available in the game.

    Your Dead Eye has been upgraded a bit, now you will have to mark the targets you'd like to shoot with the "RB" or "R1" buttons before pulling the trigger, simply moving the crosshair across them isn't enough anymore. Use this new technique to take out the three bottles on the crate in front of you while Landon watches.

    After the bottles are reduced to shards, Landon asks you to follow him. He has another technique for you to try. Landon will scare some of the local birds into the air, and your task is to take down a pair of them with your Dead Eye ability. Wait for them to take flight, then target two or more while in Dead Eye and take them all out at once. If you do it right, Landon will be impressed.

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    A Cry for Help

    Red Dead Redemption Horseplay Back in town, Ramon, a local resident, rushes up to Ricketts, pleading for his help. Mount your horse, and follow Landon out into the countryside.

    Some bandits have taken the driver of the supply wagon hostage, and you'll have to use your newly-upgraded Dead Eye ability to take him out without harming the hostage. Keep your distance, and target the head of the hostage taker (and any other nearby bandits, if you're feeling tricky), then fire away to save the hostage. He'll hop back atop the wagon and head for town, and Landon will advise you to stay close and watch out for more bad guys.

    Around a bend in the road, some bandits have set up a road block using a chuck wagon. You can either use your Dead Eye to take them both out, or target the lanterns atop the wagon to set them afire.

    Either way, once they're gone the wagon returns safely to Chuparosa, and you've finished "The Gunslinger's Tragedy." Your Dead Eye ability is now level 3, and you've also picked up a new Schofield Revolver for your troubles.

    For more mission walkthroughs, cheat codes, weapons guides, and more, check out our Ultimate Guide to Red Dead Redemption.

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