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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "Cowards Die Many Times"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Captain De Santa has finally tracked down Williamson and Escuella, or so he says. Ride with him to Chuparosa and find out just how trustworthy he really is. Your time working for the Mexican government is about to come to an end.

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    "Cowards Die Many Times"

    Vincente de Santa in Red Dead Redemption Head back to Escalera and meet up with Captain De Santa once again to start the "Cowards Die Many Times" mission. You can't take this mission until you've finished the "Must a Saviour Die" mission for Luisa, so you may wish to do some work for her first if for some reason De Santa has no more missions for you.

    When you arrive, De Santa informs you that Allende wants to speak to you. Upstairs, he's having a little trouble convincing a girl to spend time in his company. Allende lights up and then informs you that Escuella and Williamson have been captured in Chuparosa. He tells De Santa to take care of you, and though it seems almost too good to be true, John heads out.

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    On to Chuparosa

    Wagon in Red Dead Redemption Hop on the waiting wagon for the ride to Chuparosa. De Santa has a lot to talk about, but you can always skip right to the destination instead of listening. If you choose to ride rather than skip, however, you'll get a chance to earn some extra cash by killing local wildlife. Shoot four or five animals with five bullets to win De Santa's money.

    Once you've won the initial bet, you can repeat the challenge if you keep shooting at animals and keep winning De Santa's money. Not a bad way to spend a long wagon ride. It beats listening to De Santa, anyway.

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    De Santa tells you that Williamson and Escuella are locked up in the church, and tells you to head there. It's the yellow waypoint on your map. Follow De Santa inside.

    John walks into the church only to find it empty. De Santa thanks John for his help, then one of his soldiers clubs him in the back and knocks him unconscious.

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    Red Dead Redemption Weapons When John awakes, he's in handcuffs. One of De Santa's men puts a gun to John's head, then is quickly killed by a bullet from the gun of Abraham Reyes. A huge firefight erupts in the village, and you'll have to run to Reyes on the other side of the street so he can remove your restraints. Find him on the balcony and he'll free you and give you a knife.

    You need to get your weapons back before you can join the fight. You'll find them in a crate near the fountain.

    Once you're re-equipped, take cover and help Reyes and his men take out the remaining soldiers. Once you've cleared a path, head into the nearby building to take care of Espinoza. You'll find him guarded by one of his men in the back upstairs bedroom. Be careful when you enter, as they'll take a few quick shots as you. You might want to use Dead Eye to give yourself an advantage.

    Once Espinoza is dead, the battle ends. Reyes gives a rousing speech outside, and your mission is complete. You won't be doing much work for De Santa from this point on, obviously.

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