Red Dead Redemption "Must a Saviour Die" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "Must a Saviour Die" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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“Must a Saviour Die?”

Luisa’s second mission in Red Dead Redemption is “Must a Savior Die.” To get started, you’ll need to meet up with her back at her family’s home.

Things have changed a bit since you last saw the old homestead. It has been burned since the last time you were here. Luisa doesn’t seem upset about it though, she’s more broken up because the rebel leader, Abraham Reyes, has been captured. She wants to set out and rescue him, and John offers his assistance.

Call Shotgun

Wagon in Red Dead Redemption

Climb up onto the shotgun seat of the nearby wagon, and Luisa will start driving toward your destination. She doesn’t seem to feel like talking, so you aren’t missing out on much if you choose to skip this journey.

Once you reach El Presidio, Luisa informs you of a possible entry point: a broken-down wall that you should be able to climb. Get off the wagon and head for the yellow waypoint on the map.

Climb the hill and head for the yellow “X” in front of a broken section of wall. Jump up and climb over to get inside.

I’m in Your Base…

Red Dead Redemption Sniper

There is a sniping position at the end of the parapet. Head toward the yellow “X” to get into place. Grab the nearby sniper rifle if you don’t have one already and take up a position behind the wall. Your first target is the executioner. You’ll find him standing directly in front of Reyes. Make sure you shoot him first, otherwise he’ll immediately kill Reyes when the fighting starts and you’ll fail the mission.

Once he’s dead, all the other soldiers turn on you. Take advantage of the strategically-placed TNT throughout the fortress to take them out quickly.

Once you’ve cleared the fortress of soldiers, hop over the wall in front of you and slide down to the courtyard. Move to Reyes and John will untie him.

Make Your Escape

Red Dead Redemption Horseplay

Reyes will ask you to grab a horse on which to make your escape. The one marked with a blue dot on your mini map seems like a good choice.

After you’re mounted, ride over to Reyes and help him onto your mount. He’ll hop on, and it’s up to you to escape El Presidio and get him to safety. Outside the gate a rebel offers to guide you to safety, follow him toward the river, but watch out for soldiers who will give chase.

If Reyes gets hit, he’ll fall off the horse and you’ll have to clear out any nearby soldiers and wait for him to climb back on. This seems to happen a lot, so make sure you keep an eye on him as you fend off your attackers.

Once you’re free of the soldiers, the guide will lead you to Luisa at the docks. Whether you meant to or not, it looks like you’ve just joined the revolution.

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