Red Dead Redemption "Captain De Santa's Downfall" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "Captain De Santa's Downfall" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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Captain De Santa has done some pretty terrible things to John. He used him, forcing him to kill innocent civilians in the pursuit of information he had no intention of delivering.

If that wasn’t enough, he also ambushed and tried to execute him. Finally, the time has come for a little payback.

“Captain De Santa’s Downfall”

To get started with the Red Dead Redemption “Captain De Santa’s Downfall” mission, you’ll first need to once again meet up with Luisa at her makeshift camp. When you arrive, she and her men are arming for battle. Her men have located De Santa, and she wants you to ride along and make sure he gets taken care of.

Your horse is standing nearby, hop on and head for Sepulcro. As you ride off, Luisa suggests that perhaps De Santa really does know where John can find Javier Escuella. As you ride with Reyes' men, one of them explains the true measure of the devotion they feel for their poetic leader and his cause. John doesn’t seem impressed.

El Sepulcro

Take Cover In Red Dead

The riders hold up when El Sepulcro comes into view. Ride into the waypoint right in front of you to continue. John takes the lead, and heads toward the graveyard, where De Santa is up to his usual tricks. Once John hears a gunshot, he rushes forward with the rebels.

Once you crest the hill, you’ll regain control of John and the graveyard will be full of soldiers. You need to be careful here. The soldiers will all need to be dispatched but you must take De Santa alive. Watch where you’re shooting and keep an eye on the skull on your mini map to get an idea of where De Santa is at all times. Use the available cover and Dead Eye to take out the enemy soldiers. You’ll have help from the rebels, so it shouldn’t be too tough.

Once most of the soldiers are dead, De Santa will take off running. Whistle for your horse and chase him down, then use your lasso to stop him. You can either hogtie him and throw him on your horse or just drag him back to the waiting rebels. After all he’s put you through, dragging seems more than appropriate here.

Interrogation, Marston Style

Red Dead Redemption Lasso

John rearranges De Santa’s face in an effort to gain the location of Javier Escuella. De Santa isn’t talking at first, but John can be very persuasive when he wants to.

After a few more punches, he says that Escuella is holed up in Casa Madrugada. Once you regain control of John, you can either execute De Santa yourself or walk away and let the rebels take care of him.

Either way, he’s out of your hair forever.

Showdown at Casa Madrugada

Repeater Combat in Red Dead Redemption

Once he’s dead, whistle for your horse and head to Casa Madrugada to find Escuella. Once you arrive, the place is deserted. Head inside and search for Escuella.

As you enter the courtyard, a squad of Mexican soldiers stream out of the Casa and open fire. Take cover (you may want to head back to the entrance gate) and take them all out.

After the fray, John questions one of the local ladies, and she reveals that Javier hasn’t been around in months. De Santa lied to you, and led you into one final trap.

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