Red Dead Redemption "Empty Promises" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "Empty Promises" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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Hopefully you’re not yet tired of killing rebels, as there are more to take care of in the Red Dead Redemption “Empty Promises” mission.

You’ll get your first chance to handle a sniper rifle and it’ll be put to good use as you take out rebel snipers and storm the fort at Torquemada.

“Empty Promises”

As you approach the Colonel’s estate, De Santa and his men are on the move. He gives you some vague explanation about being betrayed and asks you to follow him. Hop on your horse and follow De Santa to the waiting convoy.

You’ll find it at the bottom of the hill, and when you arrive De Santa asks that you ride shotgun with him. De Santa doesn’t have much to say on this journey, so feel free to skip to the next destination.


Dynamite is powerful in Red Dead Redemption

When you arrive in Torquemada, the wagon in front of you is suddenly destroyed with TNT. Several groups of rebels will attack, and you’ll have to take care of them quickly. Use Dead Eye and your most powerful weapons to take out both the rebels on foot and the riders who appear afterward.

Once you’re safely in camp, De Santa wants to have a word with Captain Espinoza. Follow De Santa through the encampment. Espinoza is livid, and De Santa is obviously not pleased with him.

Espinoza demands you take up the nearby Rolling Block sniper rifle and help with the counterattack. You’ll find it at the green dot on your mini map.

Once you’ve got it, head over to the nearby crates and take cover, then use the rifle’s scope to take out the rebels shooting from above. You can use Dead Eye to slow down time while using the sniper rifle, but the targeting feature will not work through a scope.

Once they’re down, De Santa asks you to follow him to assist his men at the blockade.

Blockade Runners

Revolver in Red Dead Redemption

Follow De Santa around the corner to the blockade. His men are holding back the rebels just barely, but right when you arrive part of the blockade explodes, letting in a flood of attackers.

Take cover and use whatever weapon you’re most skilled with to take out the influx of rebels as quickly as possible. Using Dead Eye to target multiple attackers is a good strategy.

Once the first wave is down, follow De Santa and his men as they move forward into the valley. Take a minute to loot the corpses of the dead rebels for cash and ammo if you need either. A few more rebels await around the corner, take cover and take them out. After this next group is down, Espinoza orders you to advance once more.

Leave Them in Ruins

Red Dead Redemption Sniper

Move into the ruins with the soldiers and help them clear out this next group of rebels. The sniper rifle leaning against the wall provides a clue as to the best weapon for this situation. Switch back to your Rolling Block and use it to take out the attackers here.

Watch the soldiers for a clue as to when it’s clear enough to move up, and stay with them as they advance through the ruins. Take cover whenever new groups of rebels appear and take them out with your sniper rifle.

An old fort lies atop the ruins. It is heavily guarded, but if you stay behind cover and take out rebels one at a time, you should be able to clear a path to advance.

Once all the rebels are dead, meet De Santa inside Torquemada. He’ll thank you for your help while his men execute prisoners in the background. John is impatient with De Santa, and demands he deliver the answers he’s looking for the next time they meet.

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