Red Dead Redemption Outfits: Full List of Outfits to Unlock and Associated Bonuses

Red Dead Redemption Outfits: Full List of Outfits to Unlock and Associated Bonuses
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Red Dead Redemption Outfits

Among the many unlockable items in Red Dead Redemption are a series of outfits that not only allow you to change your appearance, but also offer gameplay bonuses. These bonuses, ranging from making certain factions treat you better to increasing your Dead Eye ability, are more than worth the trouble it takes to unlock each set of clothing.

Most of these outfits are unlocked through a specific process. You must first complete a single specific event to start the process, then find “scraps” of clothing by satisfying certain conditions within the game world. Read on for full details on each outfit.

Army Outfit

You can begin working to acquire the Army Outfit after you complete the “An Appointed Time” mission. While wearing it, you will appear to be an enlisted member of the U.S. army, but the disguise won’t stand up to careful scrutiny.

To unlock it, the following conditions must be satisfied:

Find Scrap 1 inside a cabin near the lake in Aurora Basin.
  • Earn Scrap 2 by winning at arm wrestling at the Pacific Union Railroad Camp.
  • Scrap 3 is yours when you eliminate all other players in a poker game in the city of Blackwater.
  • Get Scrap 4 when you finish the “Lights, Camera, Action” stranger’s task.
  • Scrap 5 is obtained after the successful completion of a Nightwatch job in the city of Blackwater.
  • Finally, Scrap 6 can be purchased from a tailor in Blackwater.

Bandito Outfit

The Bandito Outfit acquisition process is unlocked the first time you defeat a member of the Bandito gang. While wearing it, Banditos and Mexican outlaws will be friendly toward you until you perform an aggressive act.

To dress like a Bandito, you must find six scraps.

  • Dynamite is powerful in Red Dead Redemption

    Scrap 1 is in a chest inside a tent south of the crossroads in Sidewinder Gulch. Find the tent atop a plateau.

  • Successfully complete a Nightwatch job in Chuparosa to unlock the second Scrap.

  • Scrap 3 is yours if you can defeat all other Liar’s Dice players in Casa Madrugada.

  • Get Scrap 4 when you claim a Bandito bounty alive.

  • Defend Mexican residents against Bandito attacks to unlock scrap 5.

  • Finally, Scrap 6 can be purchased from the general store in Chuparosa.

Bollard Twins Outfit

Like the Bandito Outfit, the Bollard Twins Outfit makes members of the Bollard Twins gang act in a friendly manner toward you. To begin the process of unlocking it, you must first defeat a member of the Bollard Twins Gang.

Afterward, there are six scraps to be collected:

  • Revolver in Red Dead Redemption

    Scrap 1 is found inside a Thieves' Landing warehouse. The same warehouse where you find and rescue Shaky during the “On Shaky’s Ground” mission.

  • Get Scrap 2 for completing a Nightwatch job at the Macfarlane ranch.

  • Scrap 3 is the reward when you win a game of Horseshoes at Macfarlane’s Ranch.

  • To obtain Scrap 4, you must claim a Bollard Twins Gang bounty alive.

  • For Scrap 5, Defend the residents of Hennigen’s Stead from an attack by the Bollard Twins gang.

  • The sixth and final scrap can be bought from the Thieves' Landing tailor.

Bureau Outfit

There are no scraps to collect the Bureau Uniform. Instead, all you have to do is reach 100% game completion. No small task.

While wearing the Bureau outfit, you will enjoy complete immunity from all law enforcement. Be as bad as you like, your bounty will never increase and no one will ever pursue you.

Deadly Assassin Outfit

The Deadly Assassin Outfit is only available to those who pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption from a participating store like Gamestop. While wearing it, your Dead Eye will regenerate twice as fast as normal.

There is still a process to go through to accomplish it, though. You’ll need to find five scraps to complete it.

  • Scrap 1 is found inside a chest in Coot’s Chapel.
  • Scrap 2 is yours after you clear out Twin Rocks Hideout.
  • To get Scrap 3, you’ll have to capture or kill the New Austin Bounty target Moe Van Barr.
  • Scrap 4 is won in a duel in Armadillo.
  • Finally, Scrap 5 is unlocked after completing the stranger task “American Appetites.”

Page two has the rest of the unlockable Red Dead Redemption outfits, including the Duster Coat, Gentleman’s Attire, Legend of the West Outfit, and the U.S. Marshal’s Uniform.

Duster Coat

The Duster Coat Outfit serves no gameplay purpose. It is instead simply a reward for reaching the “Peacemaker” honor rank.

Elegant Suit

Red Dead Redemption Map

The Elegant Suit Outfit is another set of clothes without a set of scraps to obtain before its unlocked.

You can simply walk into the tailor at Thieves' Landing and purchase it.

Wearing the Elegant Suit allows you to cheat while playing poker. To cheat, press the “Y” or “Triangle” button while dealing.

Gentleman’s Attire

The Gentleman’s Attire Suit is another unlock. You get it after you link your gamertag or PSN ID to your Rockstar Social Club account.

Wearing this outfit allows you to participate in high-stakes poker games in the city of Blackwater.

Legend of the West Outfit

The Legend of the West Outfit is very useful, as it increases your Dead Eye ability.

To unlock it, you’ll have to reach rank 10 in all four ambient challenges: Treasure Hunter, Survivalist, Master Hunter, and Sharpshooter.

Mexican Poncho

To get the Mexican Poncho Red Dead Redemption outfit, you’ll have to purchase a safehouse in Mexico. Inside, you’ll be able to equip the Mexican Poncho Outfit.

Rancher’s Clothing

The Rancher’s Clothing serves no gameplay purpose other than changing your appearance, it’s just a cool-looking reward for completing the “The Outlaw’s Return” mission.

Reyes' Rebels Outfit

Wearing the Reyes' Rebels Outfit will cause authorities in Mexico to become friendly toward you. While wearing it, neither the Mexican Army nor Mexican Law Posses will pursue you.

To start the unlocking process, you’ll first have to complete the “An Appointed Time” mission. Afterward, there are six scraps to collect:

  • Red Dead Redemption Combat

    Find the first scrap in a chest inside the Sepulcro graveyard. Find it near an outer wall, nearby where you were asked whether or not you’d like to execute De Santa.

  • To get Scrap 2, complete the “Poppycock” Red Dead Redemption stranger mission.

  • Scrap 3 is obtained by completing a Horsebreaking job in Chuparosa.

  • Complete the “Love is the Opiate” stranger mission to unlock Scrap 4.

  • Scrap 5 is the reward when you win a game of Five Finger Fillet in Torquemada.

  • For the sixth scrap, you’ll need to purchase the Escalera general store.

Treasure Hunter Outfit

The Treasure Hunter Outfit unlock process begins the first time you take out a member of the Treasure Hunter gang. While wearing it, Treasure Hunters will be friendly toward you, that is until you take an aggressive action toward them.

To unlock it, you’ll need to acquire six scraps:

  • Red Dead Redemption House

    Silent Stead is located Southwest of Rathskeller Fork. Inside an abandoned house there you’ll find Scrap 1.

  • To get Scrap 2, you’ll need to complete the “California” stranger mission.

  • Scrap 3 is obtained when you make a profit at the Blackjack tables in Rathskeller Fork.

  • Claim a Treasure Hunter bounty alive to get scrap 4.

  • Scrap 5 is yours when you complete the Gaptooth Breach Hideout.

  • Finally, scrap 6 can be purchased from the tailor’s shop in Thieves' Landing.

U.S. Marshal Uniform

The final Red Dead Redemption outfit you can unlock is the U.S. Marshal Uniform. While wearing it, you will be treated as if you were a member of U.S. law enforcement and will not be pursued by marshals or posses while in the United States.

You can unlock it after completing the “The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed Mission.” Afterward, you’ll need to complete all gang hideouts on the U.S. side of the border in a single in-game day to unlock the uniform.

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