How to Unlock the Red Dead Redemption Bollard Twins Outfit

How to Unlock the Red Dead Redemption Bollard Twins Outfit
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Introduction - How to Unlock the Red Dead Redemption Bollard Twins Outfit

Of all the outfits in Red Dead Redemption, none have proved more frustrating to players than the Bollard Twins costume, which allows you to disguise yourself as a Bollard gang member and move amongst them unnoticed. Message boards have been filled with gamers asking for help with this particular Red dead Redemption, and in particular the first scrap hidden somewhere in Thieves Landing. In this guide, we’ll go over the locations of the other five scraps needed to unlock this outfit and show you how to discover that final frustrating piece.

Red Dead Redemption Bollard Twins Outfit: Steps to Unlocking

Although the scrap in Thieves Landing is listed first in the steps to unlocking the Bollard Twins outfit in the game menu, it is in fact the last piece you are likely to discover. The other pieces of the Bollard gang oufit can be collected by doing the following:

Nightwatch Job at MacFarlane’s Ranch

An easy one. Simply walk up to the crescent moon symbol at the Ranch during the night hours to activate a mission where you follow the brave ranch dog around on his patrol of the ranch outskirts. You’ll probably have to deal with a couple of trespassers. After this, you’ll be rewarded with a scrap of the outfit.

Win a Game of Horseshoes at the MacFarlane’s Ranch

Again, relatively straightforward. Just head to the Horseshoe symbol at the ranch on your mini-map, and win a game. Bet low to make victory a simple matter.

Catch a Bollard Twins Gang Member Alive

You’ll have needed to complet a couple of things to be able to fulfil this requirement. You are going to need the lasso, which unlocks after Bonnie shows you how to round up wild horses. You will also have to buy a newspaper from one of the vendors scattered around New Austin. This unlocks the ability to see Wanted posters and collect bounties on them. Track down a Bollard gang member with a bounty on them, shoot them in the leg and then hogtie them with the lasso and ride back into town to receive your money and this scrap of the outfit.

Defend Hennigan’s Stead

This mission will come up as part of the Bonnie MacFarlane storyline. Defend the ranch from an attack by the Bollard gang to unlock this scrap.

Make a Purchase at the Tailors

The “Final” scrap can be purchased from the tailor in Thieves Landing for the princely sum of $100. However, you’re more likely to come across it before the first scrap so get it right away.

Final Red Dead Redemption Bollard Gang Oufit Scrap Location

Red Dead Redemption Shaky

The confusion over the first scrap of the Bollard Twins oufit has not been helped by either the cryptic clue “Search Thieves Landing”, but also a bug in the game that will occasionally unlock the scrap no matter where in Thieves Landing you are. The actual location for this first scrap is part of the mission where you accompany Irish to rescue Shaky from the warehouse, and so you are unlikely to come across it until you have already completed the other scraps. This scrap for the Bollard Twins outfit is located in a chest in the room from which you have to free Shaky, up the stairs in the warehouse on your right hand side as you enter Thieves landing from the south.


Hopefully this guide will help the many players who have been frustrated in their quest to unlock the Red Dead Redemption Bollard Twins outfit. For more advice and guidance for Rockstar’s stunning Western, check out our collection of Red Dead Redemption Tips and Tricks.

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