Is There Strong Language in Red Dead Redemption Game? Find Out What You'll See and Hear in This Video Game

Is There Strong Language in Red Dead Redemption Game? Find Out What You'll See and Hear in This Video Game
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Overview of “Red Dead Redemption”

Red Dead is a free-roaming game that features part plot, part bounty hunting. The lead character used to be an outlaw but is trying to

clean up his act. His main mission is to hunt down a former bandit he used to ride with who is now threatening the life and health of his family.

The fact that the lead character is trying to clean up his life and do “the right thing” lends a little morality to the game and should make points with the parents. However, there are still mature themes that should discourage parents from allowing children and younger teens from playing the game.

Language Content in the Game

The game’s hero

For those who need to know, “is there strong language in Red Dead Redemption?” game players generally agree on one thing. There is some strong language in the video game, but by no means is it pervasive. In other words, it occurs here and there, but not everywhere.

For example, most of the language consists the occasional “D,” “H” and “S” words. Every once in a while, the lead character drops the f-bomb, as does a shady character when he gets shot or can’t find the treasure he’s been looking for during the last several years of his life.

However, you might go several minutes during the game without hearing a word of language. In many cases, the language occurs randomly during gameplay, kind of in the background, with less language in the actual scenes themselves.

If the parents are worried about the moral aspect of the language, they can take comfort that most of the language comes from characters that are less than reputable. Kids might not be as likely to pick up the language if they hear it from a character that the hero of the game is at odds with.

Nudity Content in the Game

So the answer to, is there strong language in Red Dead Redemption game is solved, but what about the nudity? In some cases, parents are more worried about what their kids see than what they hear.

There are two spots where nudity may be a problem in this game. The most prevalent is where two Mexican individuals have intercourse on top of a table. The hero is not part of this interaction, so it probably won’t rub off on kids that this is “something you should do,” essentially.

The second area where kids may or may not pick up on what is going on happens with a man only. A naked outlaw is shown strung up in a noose. You may or may not see it, but his genitalia is not entirely intact due to other outlaws removing it. This is a non-sexual scene.

Now, there is also a little sexuality in some areas of the game, even though there isn’t a lot of nudity. Some of the hookers in the saloon wear scanty clothing, very similar to what you might see in Western movies. The biggest problem here would basically just be cleavage and some provocative actions on the part of the women and some flirting from the men.

Violence Content in the Game

There isn’t actually as much violence and action in the game as most “violence” gamers might hope for. There’s a lot of riding around on

Lassoing the Villain

horses and interacting with townspeople, so the entire game is far from just a shoot ‘em up.

That being said, there is a bit of comic bloodshed whenever animals are skinned or characters are shot. If you shoot outlaws at close range, blood will splatter on the camera lens. The same happens when you skin an animal. However, there is no real gore except for when the skinned animal is shown in such condition on the roadside after the hero skins it. It’s not a scary sight though, however, and does not pervade the screen for very long.

Content Overall

Overall, Red Dead Redemption has a fair spattering of all vices, including a little smoking and drinking as well as language, nudity and violence. However, it’s really no worse than similar games of in its class. So, if you’re trying to decide whether or not you should get Red Dead Redemption for your 16-year-old for his birthday, it’s probably a safe enough bet, especially if he’s already played other maturely rated games previously or watches movies that contain some sexuality, language and violence.

That’s not to downplay the vices that are in the game, but overall, the game is spread out enough that it makes each occurrence seem less significant.


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