Red Dead Redemption Honour and Drunk Guide

Red Dead Redemption Honour and Drunk Guide
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The Drunk Guide and Cheat

Getting drunk on Red Dead Redemption sounds fun and it is. There is no ‘required skill’ for getting drunk or anything; you just need $10 and an open bar. The bar will be unavailable if any violent act was committed. Once you’re at the bar of choice you need to walk up to the bartender, you need to order 5 drinks for yourself. Once you have the 5 drinks you will exit the shopping cut scene and you will be able to walk again, John Marston will now be staggering while you walk and from time to time he will collapse. There is a way to get back on your feet again but you don’t stay that way for very long, you need to press the ‘jump’ button. X on the Xbox 360 and Square on the PS3. When you are drunk it doesn’t last that long, once you fall over for the second or third time, you will be sober again.

There is a cheat code that you must enter by going to ‘Options > Cheat Codes’ Then you press ‘Y’ for Xbox 360 or Triangle for PS3. The code is “I’m Drunk as a skunk and twice as smelly”. Using cheats on Red Dead Redemption means you can’t complete any mission or stranger quests.

Red Dead Redemption Honour Explanation

Red Dead Redemption Honour

In Red Dead Redemption Honour is very important. Honour is gained if you do a good deed or a bad deed, a good deed would be helping strangers, siding with lawmen or clearing out a gang hideout. A bad deed however is doing the opposite; you attack strangers, kill lawmen and rob people to gain negative Honour. Positive Honour will change the way NPCs treat you, the two biggest benefits of high positive Honour are; lower costs in friendly towns (raised prices in Thieves’ Landing) and witnesses will only report murder.

Negative Honour has some good benefits too, you can get a unique “Dark Horse” which looks pretty cool, lowered prices only in Thieves’ Landing, eyewitnesses will be too scared to report some serious crimes and the cost of bribing is significantly lower than it is with high positive Honour.

Infinite Honour and Fame Guide

The result of a successful disarm

In Red Dead Redemption Honour and Fame can be hard to obtain but I have made a guide that makes it a lot less challenging. To do this you need to have over $1000 because it costs a bit depending where you are. Here is the method for almost infinite honour and fame.

  1. Go to your house and put on an Elegant Suit. (If you don’t own an elegant suit you need to go to thieves landing and purchase one from the tailor).
  2. Once you have your Elegant Suit on you need to find a Texas Hold’em Poker table with at least 1 character sitting there ready to play, once you find the table of choice, sit down and play.
  3. Once you sit down you will be the dealer and the option to cheat will come up. (‘Y’ on the Xbox 360 or ‘Triangle’ on the PS3). Once the cheat menu is open, purposefully fail it by keeping the arrow on the side.
  4. When you get caught cheating a duel will begin, in the duel you need to aim for the characters shooting hand doing this will make the duel bar go all the way to the top ending the duel. Once you successfully disarm him you will get +100 Fame and +200 honour.
  5. Repeat those four steps to get the fame and honour you desire.

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