Red Dead Redemption Tips and Tricks

Red Dead Redemption Tips and Tricks
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Introduction - Red Dead Redemption Tips and Tricks

Rockstar’s Western opus Red Dead Redemption is one of the break-out gaming hits of the year, combining a tense and thought-provoking plotline with a magnificently realized and detailed environment to explore. To help gamers make the most of their experience in the scrublands of New Austin, we’ve gathered together a collection of vital Red Dead Redemption tips, hints and tricks to show players how to maximize their return from bounties and hold-ups, take down multiple opponents with one shot, win every duel and break every horse in Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption Hints and Tips

Get the Lasso Early

  • The Lasso is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in the game, making bounty hunting and horse wrangling much easier and more profitable.
  • Complete the Bonnie MacFarlane missions as early as possible in the game to unlock the lasso and learn about capturing wild stallions for fun and profit.

Bring Your Bounties in Alive

  • The prize money for a live capture far exceeds the amount on offer for a corpse.
  • Use Dead-Eye to shoot your bounty target in the knee to incapacitate them, then get in there quick with the lasso. Hogtie the desperado, lug him onto the back of your horse and trot back into town to reap your reward.
  • Be vigilant. Some bounty targets have gang members who will try to re-capture their partner-in-crime, so make for the Marshall’s as fast and as directly as you can.

Rob People Blind

  • If you’re intend on holding people up to bolster your cash reserve, but don’t want your honor or fame ratings to suffer as a consequence, buy the Bandana and equip at the earliest opportunity.
  • This nifty item will ensure your victims never recognize you, allowing you to get away with your crimes scot free and keep your good name intact.

Guaranteed Headshots

  • Red Dead Redemption uses an aiming assist system during gunplay, but it automatically locks on to a target’s chest.
  • Practice flicking the Right Analogue Stick slightly up immediately after you lock onto to the target but before you squeeze the Right Trigger. Soon, you’ll be able to move from target to target rapidly taking them out with a continual stream of headshots.

Red Dead Redemption Dueling Tips

Dueling in Red Dead Redemption isn’t clearly explained in either the game or the accompanying manual, leading to some confusion and frustration amongst players. The important thing to remember when fighting a duel in Red Dead Redemption is that it is mini-game rather than a straight shooting affair. Timing and target selection are what matters. Keep an eye on your blue gauge - fill it faster than your opponent and you will win. Time drawing your weapon for the “Draw” announcement, then select targets on your opposite number where the crosshair turns white.

For more information on dueling, and how to boost your honor and fame by engaging in duels, read Bright Hub’s step-by-step guide to how to duel in Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption Horse Breaking Tips

Red Dead Redemption John Marston and Stallion

Horse breaking in Red Dead Redemption is one of those tasks that some people find easy yet others consistently struggle with. If you’re in the latter group, this tip should help you get the hang of breaking in those untamed stallions. When you are in the horse breaking mini-game, blot out the background and the upper half of John’s torso as he bucks around. Instead, narrow your focus in to just Marston’s legs. If his legs are leaning in one direction, lightly adjust the Analogue Stick in the opposite direction, then try to hold it in a position that keeps his legs centered. The horse should rapidly submit to your will.

For further information on John Marston’s equine friends, check out our Red Dead Redemption Horse Guide.


With this treasure chest of Red Dead Redemption tips, tricks and gameplay hints, life in the wild desert lands of the Old West should prove an easier and more rewarding experience. Next time you get into a gunfight, accept a dueling challenge or lasso a magnificent wild stallion, these tips for Red Dead Redemption should ensure you always come out on top.

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