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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "Exodus in America"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Red Dead Redemption's first mission is a simple one, serving more as an introduction to the game and the controls than a fully-fledged outing. Eavesdrop on some conversations aboard a train, then saddle up and head out to Fort Mercer.

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    Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough and Mission Guide: "Exodus in America"

    Red Dead Redemption Mission Walkthrough The very first mission in Red Dead Redemption is kind of uneventful from an interactive standpoint, but it serves as an appropriate introduction to the game's setting and main character.

    Your first glimpse of the game world is as the game's main character, John Marston, disembarks from a river boat and makes his way to a waiting train accompanied by a pair of suit-wearing government types.

    As the opening credits roll, you're privy to a pair of conversations onboard the train, one between the two older ladies seated behind you and the other between a priest and a young lady in the seat in front of you. Their decidedly non politically correct comments about Indian affairs and technology give the player a glimpse into the major events of the game world.

    For those less interested in exposition and more interested in jumping right into the game, the opening cinematics can be skipped by pressing the "A" or "X" button.

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    Off the Train and Into Armadillo

    You'll spend more time with trains later on in Red Dead Redemption Once the train pulls into the Armadillo station, you'll be given a quick overview of the basic controls and the mini map. The platform is a good place to get a feel for moving around in the game and check out the various controls. I don't recommend practicing your gunplay here, however, as any lawbreaking will result in you failing the mission and being forced to begin anew.

    Your first destination is the saloon. To get there, move through the station directly in front of you and into the town of Armadillo. As you leave the station, you should see the saloon across the street, marked with a yellow "X" in the doorway. Feel free to check out the town a bit if you wish, then move into the saloon entrance to continue.

    Inside a bearded man is getting familiar with one of the establishment's working girls. After he zips his pants, he introduces himself as Jake, your hired guide. He'll take you outside to a pair of waiting horses.

    Mount one of the horses with the "Y" or "Triangle" button and follow Jake out of town.

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    On the Road to Fort Mercer

    Ride through the countryside in the Red Dead Redemption mission Exodus in America Encourage your horse to accelerate with the "A" or "X" button, but be careful, spur it too enthusiastically and you'll find yourself tossed to the ground. "RB" or "R1" can be used to pull on the reigns and stop.

    Hold the "A" or "X" button when near Jake to match speed and ride alongside him. Along the lengthy trail to Fort Mercer, he'll regale you with all manner of inane commentary, much of which serves as further exposition about the character of Marston and his special mission.

    After awhile, you'll crest a hill and Fort Mercer will come into view. Jake will leave you here, his laughter serving as an indication that perhaps walking right up to the gates is not the best plan, but that's exactly what you'll have to do to continue. Another "X" marks your next destination, a spot several feet in front of the main gate. Ride into it to continue.

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    Enemy at the Gates

    Bonnie MacFarlane is your savior at the end of Exodus in America Another cutscene begins, featuring Marston calling out to a former friend, Bill Williamson. The confrontation doesn't exactly go Marston's way, as three armed men appear above the gate and aim their rifles at him.

    John attempts to explain his mission to Bill, but to no avail. Eventually the conversation goes south and John is forced to draw. Unfortunately, he's not as fast as he seems to think he is, as a bullet from one of Bill's cronies clips him before he even clears leather.

    You're left for dead, with hungry vultures approaching, when two people in a passing wagon pick you up and carry you to safety.

    When you awake, you're bandaged up and in unfamiliar surroundings. Your first mission, however, is complete. You've also completed your first Red Dead Redemption achievement, "That Government Boy."

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