Red Dead Redemption “Mexican Caesar” Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Finally, De Santa provides John with the information he’s been looking for. Williamson and Escuella are riding with the rebel leader Reyes. He’ll ask you to escort a train in exchange for a large sum of money and the exact location of the men you seek.

Seems like you have little choice but to accept the dangerous assignment.

“Mexican Caesar”

Vincente de Santa in Red Dead Redemption

When you return to Escalera, you’ll find De Santa delivering yet more women for the entertainment of Colonel Allende. John disapproves, but is willing to hold his tongue in exchange for the information De Santa promises him, the whereabouts of the men he’s searching for. He’ll also offer you a large sum of money, all you have to do is risk your life escorting a train through rebel country.

Hop up into the shotgun seat of the nearby wagon for the ride to Chuparosa. You can either listen to the captain’s opinion of your assignment and his thoughts about the army’s progress in crushing the rebels or skip directly to your destination.

Circle the Wagons

Drive and Shoot in Red Dead Redemption

Regardless of your travel choice, the wagon train is attacked before it even reaches Chuparosa. Take out the first group of rebel riders and the captain will get the horses moving. Rebels will appear and attack from nearby side roads, and you’ll have to take them out before any soldiers are killed.

After they’re taken out, Espinoza continues to drive, and begins to wonder about the nature of your mission. The lack of reinforcements and relative danger of the mission have him concerned that something bad might be going on that he’s not aware of. Before he can finish his thought, however, more rebels attack. Take out the attackers atop the canyon walls. Afterward, the rest of the journey to Chuparosa is relatively uneventful.

Basic Training

Red Dead Redemption Train Health Bar

Hop off the wagon and follow Espinoza onto the train. He’ll ask you to ensure the mission is successful, as he has little faith in the new recruits that are also on board. Luckily, you have a Gatling gun to use in case of any trouble. Take up your position behind the gun as the train starts to roll.

A huge group of rebels will attack from the left side of the train. Your job is to keep them away from the engine so it isn’t damaged. Keep an eye on your mini map to see where the rebels are attacking from and also on the train’s health meter at the top of your screen.

It may not be the most humane course of action, but you can shoot the horses out from under the rebels to stop their attacks. They’re much bigger targets and consequently much easier to hit with the Gatling gun.

Several rebels are hiding in the station as you pass Las Hermanas, so be prepared to take them out quickly. Afterward, another group of riders will attack the train.

Get Off My Train!

Gatling Gun in Red Dead Redemption

After you pass through the tunnel, the rebels become a little more aggressive. They’re no longer content to simply ride alongside and take out the engine, now they’ll start hopping aboard the train and you’ll have to watch your back as they advance. Take them out before they get close enough to hurt you while continuing to watch for incoming riders. It can get a bit hectic at this point, but the Gatling gun is a great equalizer.

There’s no cover while using the Gatling gun, so be sure and use any medicine you’re carrying if your health gets low.

After awhile they’ll tire of the direct approach, and go back to attacking the engine from their horses. Keep them away and immediately kill any rebel who gets close to the front of the train.

Once you reach the top of the hill, the rebel attacks will stop. You can relax now, as the rest of the ride is significantly less dangerous.

When the train stops, hop off and head for the base commander nearby. He’ll thank you for your help and your mission is complete.

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