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Guide to "The Gates of El Presidio"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

You'll return to the fortress where you first encountered Abraham Reyes in "The Gates of El Presidio." After making an explosive entrance, John chases Javier Escuella into the Mexican countryside, before returning to the fortress and repelling an army counterattack by manning a mounted cannon.

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    Reyes, unlike your previous Mexican contacts, is a man of his word. His spies have located Javier Escuella in the old fort at El Presidio, and are ready to help you capture or kill him.

    Finish this mission, and you're one step closer to getting your family back.

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    Abraham Reyes When you return to Agave Viejo, Reyes is inside the house. John walks in on him in a compromising position, but Reyes doesn't seem to be bothered by the interruption.

    Abraham has a present for you. The two of you are going to bring Javier Escuella to justice. Hop onto Reyes' stagecoach. You'll notice it's filled with dynamite, which is never a good sign.

    Reyes will talk to you about your decision to kill Captain De Santa in the "Captain De Santa's Downfall." He'll also reveal the location of Escuella.

    You can listen to the whole conversation or just skip ahead to El Presidio.

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    The Fortress

    Wagon in Red Dead Redemption Reyes' plan is simple. His men will distract the soldiers while you drive a cart filled with TNT into the front gate. You'll have to jump clear just before impact. Keep the wagon's speed up and be ready to jump off as soon as you are prompted.

    The wagon crashes into the gate and explodes and Reyes and his men rush in with John. Leave the fighting to the rebels, you're here for Javier.

    Search the areas on your map marked with "?" Take cover if you begin to take fire while moving through the courtyard. You'll find Javier trying to escape from an upstairs room in the fort. John pulls his gun, and the two have a short discussion about their history together. Javier claims to know where to find the other two members of the gang, but tosses a crate at John to escape once he's close enough.

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    Hot Pursuit

    Red Dead Redemption Lasso Follow Escuella out the window and through the courtyard. He'll hop on a horse and you'll have to do the same if you want to catch him. Chase him down and either hogtie or kill him. If you choose to capture him alive, you'll have to ride him back to El Presidio afterward.

    He'll entreat John to let him go on the ride back, but John is having none of it. Back at the fortress, you'll have to carry him to the cell in the courtyard to continue. Javier has a few choice words for John, and John has a few in return.

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    Repel the Counterattack

    Dynamite is powerful in Red Dead Redemption The army has sent reinforcements to retake the fortress, and you'll have to join Javier's men and help repel them. Climb to the green dot on your mini map and man the cannon. You'll have to go through the tower to get there.

    Use the cannon to decimate the incoming soldiers. Once you've taken out the reinforcements, head back to the courtyard and Escuella.

    John will deliver Escuella, and the federal agents advise him to find Williamson and head to Blackwater.

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