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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "The Burning"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Bonnie MacFarlane once again needs your help in the Red Dead Redemption "The Burning" mission. This time, however, the stakes have been raised as a local bandit gang slaughters a few ranch hands and sets fire to the MacFarlane's barn. Saving the horses is up to you.

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    "The Burning"

    Bonnie MacFarlane Back at the MacFarlane Ranch, Bonnie once again needs your help. Her father has gone missing, and she's concerned that he might be in trouble.

    John, being the gentleman that he is, offers to mount up and help her look for him. Hop on your horse and head out after Bonnie.

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    Missing Persons

    Red Dead Redemption Horseplay Bonnie and John pass the time by discussing Bonnie's family. After awhile, she spots something just off the road. For someone who has no idea where her father is, she sure seems to locate him quickly. Must be some kind of family intuition.

    Mr. MacFarlane has discovered several dead ranch hands and their horses, the victims of one of the local gangs. Drew asks the two of you to return to the ranch and grab a wagon and admonishes John to watch out for Bonnie.

    Follow her as she heads back to the ranch.

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    Do You Smell Something Burning?

    Red Dead Redemption Map Bonnie has a bad feeling, and once again she'll turn out to be unnaturally prescient. As the two of you race back to the ranch, a cloud of black smoke begins to rise directly in front of you. Once you get close enough to the ranch, you'll discover that the MacFarlane barn is ablaze.

    Follow Bonnie into the small fenced area in front of the barn to continue. At the door, a ranch hand works to break through the door, but to no avail. You'll have to find another way inside to rescue the horses.

    Follow the yellow waypoint around the side of the barn to a yellow "X" in front of a low awning. Jump up and climb onto the windmill. Follow the path around the windmill to the side of the barn, then leap across to the ledge and ease yourself to the left until you can climb up onto the barn's upper platform. Around the corner is an opening to the hayloft.

    Red Dead Redemption Once inside, you'll need to climb down a series of ladders to reach the ground floor. Move to the door and remove the pitchfork that is holding it closed by pressing "Y" or "Triangle."

    Once the doors are open, rush inside and encourage the horses to leave with a well-placed slap on the rump. Hit the first two soundly and they'll rush out of the burning barn.

    Just as you reach the third horse, a section of burning timber from the roof falls and blocks the doorway. You'll need to mount the last horse and ride it over the obstacle and out of the barn to save both it and yourself. Line the horse up with the exit and spur it quickly to gain enough speed to make the leap. Afterward, ride it into the nearby corral marked on your map.

    Make your way to the last waypoint to find Bonnie and complete your mission. You've saved the ranch and earned the gratitude of Bonnie and her family.

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