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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "My Sister's Keeper"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Luisa's family is afraid of the coming revolution, and asks you to help their youngest daughter get to the docks so she can sail to safety. You'll have to dodge army roadblocks and eliminate pursuing soldiers who regard you as rebels to get her there.

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    "My Sister's Keeper"

    Luisa in Red Dead redemption Your first Red Dead Redemption mission taken from your new contact Luisa is "My Sister's Keeper." You'll find her at her family's shack SE of Chuparosa.

    Luisa's family is upset because of the upcoming revolution. Her family is heading for the hills, and her sister is being shipped off for her own safety. Luisa asks you to take her to the docks. You'll have to drive a stagecoach and make it to the docks before sundown. Time is limited in this mission, so it's best to get moving quickly.

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    The Next Stage

    Wagon in Red Dead Redemption Hop into the driver's seat of the stagecoach and head out. Follow the yellow path on the mini map. The stagecoach is fast, but doesn't corner well, so be careful around the tight turns near cliffs.

    You'll round a bend in the road and be stopped by a group of Mexican soldiers who ask for your papers. It doesn't take them long to decide that you must be a pair of rebels and start shooting at you. Either take them out with Dead Eye or ride them down with the wagon. Either way, get moving again as quickly as possible.

    Around the next bend is another checkpoint and blockade. Luisa's sister will tell you to take a left to avoid it, and your prescribed route will change. Keep going.

    Another roadblock is ahead, and Luisa's sister will again change your path, directing you to the right. Either keep riding as fast as you can or take out the soldiers so they don't shoot at you as you do. Around the corner is a third blockade, but because there is no wagon blocking your path, Luisa's sister will advise you to charge straight through.

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    Get to the Docks

    Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer As you approach the train tracks, another roadblock again requires you to change your path. Once you're around it, a group of cavalry soldiers will begin to chase you.

    Keep driving forward, but take out any cavalry who follow you to ensure that Luisa's sister gets to the docks safely. Another roadblock is ahead, and your path will lead you onto a winding narrow trail and then to one that parallels the railroad tracks. Follow the directions of Luisa's sister and keep right when you approach the trestle then turn left and go underneath it. Just around the corner is another soldier driving a wagon, and you should take him out quickly so he doesn't follow you. One more turn and the docks will be in sight.

    Once you've arrived, Luisa's sister will thank you for your help and head for the small boat at the docks. You've saved Luisa's sister and your mission is complete.

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