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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "Political Realities in Armadillo"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The first mission you take from Marshal Johnson in Armadillo provides your first real taste of combat in Red Dead Redemption. Tail Walton back to his hideout, then take out his goons before you decide whether to take him alive or dead.

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    "Political Realities in Armadillo"

    You'll need to make your way to Armadillo to take your first mission from the local Marshal. Walking into the jail, you'll discover a deputy asleep in one of the cells. After a bit of mistaken identity, you'll be introduced to Marshal Johnson.

    After a drink and a bit of complaining on the part of the Marshal, the two of you will head out to take care of some trouble at the local saloon.

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    Trouble at the Local Saloon

    Red Dead Redemption Combat Follow the Marshal down the street to the saloon. Along the way he'll explain the trouble he's been having with a local gang led by a man named Walton. As you approach, Walton leaves the saloon and takes off on his horse. You and the Marshal decide to follow.

    Whistle for your horse and follow the red dot on your mini map. If you kill Walton you'll fail the mission, so it's best just to hang back and see where he goes, for now.

    Eventually, he'll end up at Pleasance House. You and the Marshal dismount, and the gang promptly starts shooting at you.

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    Showdown at Pleasance House

    Red Dead Redemption Map This mission is your first taste of real combat and your introduction to the game's cover system. You'll need to move from yellow "X" to yellow "X", pressing the "RB" or "R1" buttons to take cover and fire at bad guys who are nearby. Stay low, shoot fast, and you should have little trouble finishing this mission. The Marshal will cover you as you move, as well.

    The first outlaw is hiding behind some crates. Wait for him to pop up, then draw a bead on him using the "LT" or "L2" button. Take your shot as soon as he's visible, or you'll be soaking up a few bullets yourself.

    Move to the crate and take out the outlaw hiding behind the rocks in front of you. Afterward, move up and use the rocks as cover to take out the last three hoodlums guarding Walton.

    Take Cover in Red Dead Redemption After the guards are dead, Walton will show up on your map as a red skull. You have a choice here. You can either shoot him in the legs and take him alive or kill him. It's up to you, but sparing his life will earn you some bonus honor and killing him will certainly cost you some.

    If you take him alive, the Marshal will take him back to town on his horse. After the mission ends, you can spend a little time looting the bodies of the outlaws you killed to find some bonus cash and ammunition.

    The Marshal thanks you for your help, and this is not the last time the two of you will go into battle together. For now, though, enjoy the spoils of battle and a small increase in your fame.

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