Red Dead Redemption "This is Armadillo, USA" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "This is Armadillo, USA" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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“This is Armadillo, USA”

The next Red Dead Redemption mission you’ll take from Bonnie MacFarlane is “This is Armadillo, USA.” In this mission you’ll take a long wagon ride to the town of Armadillo and be introduced to the town’s doctor.

You’ll also get a chance to explore the game’s first city, but first you have a long ride ahead of you.

Wagon Ride to Armadillo

Walk into the yellow “X” in front of the farmhouse to start “This is Armadillo, USA.” Bonnie needs to head into town to pick up some supplies, and asks you to tag along. Jump up on the driver side of the wagon and take the reigns to get started.

Follow the yellow path on your mini map to take the fastest possible route to Armadillo. You can try to head cross country, but it isn’t easy in a wagon and will probably take you a lot longer, so just stay on the beaten path for this one. Driving a wagon is pretty similar to riding a horse, both have a stamina bar to the left of the mini map that you need to keep an eye on. Flick the reigns with “A” or “X” to get a burst of speed, but don’t wear them down too much or they’ll refuse to pull the wagon.

Be careful around sharp corners, as well. Hit them too fast or turn too suddenly and your wagon will overturn. There’s no time limit on this mission, so just take your time and get to Armadillo safely. It’s a good chance to take a look at Red Dead Redemption’s beautiful scenery.

Listen to Bonnie wax philosophical about the nature of your personality and your developing relationship and you’ll be in Armadillo before you know it.

Shopping in Armadillo

Bonnie MacFarlane

Once you reach Armadillo, pull up in front of the general store to trigger the next stage of the mission. Bonnie will send you across the street to pick up some medicine for your injuries.

The entrance to the doctor’s office is directly in front of you and is marked with another familiar yellow “X.” Make your way across the street and into the doorway. Inside, the doctor awaits you behind the counter.

Walk up to the counter and press the “B” or “Circle” button to start a transaction. Your first dose of medicine is free, and you can buy it with the “A” or “X” button. Press “B” or “Circle” to end your transaction.

You can open up your satchel to use medicine and other weapons by pressing the “Back” or “Select” button. After you’ve inspected your inventory, head back across the street to meet up with Bonnie. She’s waiting for you outside the general store, marked by the blue circle on your map.

On Your Own in Armadillo

Bonnie will thank you for driving her into town, then leave you to your own devices in Armadillo. She’ll take the driver’s seat on the wagon and leave without you.

When you’re ready to head back to the ranch, you can always hop a stagecoach, located at the end of town. For now, though, your Red Dead Redemption mission is complete.

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