Red Dead Redemption Wild Horses, Tamed Passions Mission Guide & How to Use a Lasso

Red Dead Redemption Wild Horses, Tamed Passions Mission Guide & How to Use a Lasso
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Wild Horses, Tamed Passions

You’ll begin the “Wild Horses, Tamed Passions” mission by walking up to the porch of the ranch house. Once inside, you’ll finally get to meet Bonnie’s father, Drew MacFarlane. The two of you will discuss the ins and outs of politics and life on the frontier. Mr. MacFarlane will give you a rundown of the family’s history on the ranch as the two of you enjoy some coffee.

After your conversation, Bonnie will invite you to join her and her father in breaking some wild horses.

On the way outside, Bonnie will give you one of the game’s most useful tools, the lasso. With it, you can rope just about anything, from horses to criminals you want to subdue and deliver alive.

The rest of the mission will give you a pretty good introduction to using the lasso.

Wild Horses Can’t Drag John Away

Red Dead Redemption Lasso

Head across the way and mount your waiting horse. Then, follow Bonnie and her father as they ride out to the herd of wild horses. Your lasso will be automatically equipped after you acquire it, so there’s no need to open the weapons menu, you’re ready to go.

During this mission, nearby wild horses will be marked with a horse head icon on your mini map. You can use it to locate the nearby herd if you lose sight of them or get separated from Bonnie and her father.

To lasso a horse, pull the “LT” or “L2” button to aim, and the “RT” or “R2” button to throw the lasso. The secret to holding onto a horse is to keep the “LT” or “L2” button held down. Release it, and you’ll release the horse.

Red Dead Redemption Horseplay

Keep the button held down as you dismount your horse and move to the wild one you’ve lassoed. When you’re close enough, press the “Y” or “Triangle” button to hop on board. Be ready, though, because wild horses don’t exactly enjoy being ridden. You’ll have to use the left thumbstick to keep yourself centered while the horse tries its best to buck you off. This can be a bit difficult with the camera jumping around, but just make subtle adjustments and keep yourself centered as best you can, and the horse will be tamed in no time.

Eventually, the horse will rear up and the camera angle will shift to behind you. The wild horse has been broken, and can now be ridden like any other mount.

Break Another Wild Horse With Bonnie

Mr. MacFarlane will come take the reigns so you can dismount the newly-broken horse and climb back atop your own. You’ll need to break one more wild horse, and this time you’ll do it without Mr. MacFarlane’s encouragement.

Head toward the horse icon on your mini map to find the herd. Don’t get separated from Bonnie, though, or you’ll fail the mission.

Ride up behind another wild horse as before, lasso it, then climb aboard. Keep yourself centered on its back again and hold on until the horse is broken.

Once you’ve gained control, Bonnie will lasso the newly-broken mount and you’ll need to jump back atop your own horse. Follow Bonnie back to the ranch to drop off your newly-busted bronco.

Horses Sighted Near Armadillo

Lasso Wild Horses In Red Dead Redemption

When you get back to the ranch, Mr. Macfarlane tells Bonnie that another herd has been spotted near Armadillo. Time to put your new-found herding and breaking skills to the test.

Follow Bonnie toward Armadillo to meet up with some ranch hands. Join up with the group and ride toward the horse icon on your mini-map. Use the herding skills you learned on the previous mission to drive the wildhorses toward the yellow waypoint on your map. The yellow stallion is the key. If you can get him headed in the right direction, the other horses will follow.

When you reach the canyon, the horses will be trapped. Your job isn’t done yet, though, as the stallion takes off and you’re tapped to chase him down.

He’s too fast to catch from behind, so wait until he gets out on the plain and starts to run in a large circle. Cut him off, and get your

Your New Red Dead Redemption Mount Will Serve You Well

lasso on him before he can get too far away. Hold him steady and climb aboard for a real test of your breaking skills.

Once he’s broken, ride the stallion back to the blue waypoint on your map, where Bonnie is waiting. She’ll thank you for your help, and offer to let you keep the stallion as your own personal mount.

Congratulations, your Red Dead Redemption mission is complete and you’ve got yourself a swift new horse to ride back to the ranch.

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