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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "For Purely Scientific Purposes"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Professor MacDougal is ready to take the leap from theoretical research to field work as you and Nastas accompany him into the hills to meet with some local Native Americans who have joined Dutch's gang. The meeting goes south, and you'll have to save both the professor and yourself to survive.

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    Your second mission involving Professor MacDougal is a meeting between John and several members of Nastas' tribe.

    The meeting doesn't go as planned, however, and John must fight to save both himself and the professor from certain death.

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    "For Purely Scientific Purposes"

    When John walks in on MacDougal, he's clearly under the influence of some narcotic substance. He's come up with a new idea about the difference between the so-called "savages" and "civilized man."

    He's on about something, and asks John to follow him. Nastas isn't where MacDougal expects him to be, and you'll have to follow him through town to find the Native. You'll find him just down the street, and you'll need to ride with him for a bit.

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    To Bearclaw Camp

    Nastas has arranged a meeting with some of Dutch's gang at Bearclaw Camp, and that's where you're headed. Along the way the three of you will come across a bear in the road, and the professor will immediately lose his cool and start shooting. Help him take the bear down before it attacks, despite Nastas' disapproval, then meet back up with your two companions a little further up the trail.

    Keep riding until you reach the camp, then hop off your horse and walk into the waypoint to start the meeting.

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    Meeting at Bearclaw

    Take Cover In Red Dead Head inside the dilapidated cabin to start the meeting. The professor and Nastas will join you. Inside, the Natives greet you with guns drawn. They are displeased with the way their people have been treated, and command the three of you to surrender your weapons. Nastas moves forward to reason with the men, and gets a bullet in the brain for his trouble. John reacts quickly, shooting the leader of the group and his two friends before they can react.

    John and the professor take cover inside the cabin as the Native Americans outside begin to move. Take out the now-aggressive men, using Dead Eye whenever possible and making use of the cover provided by the half-finished wall of the cabin. Once they're all dead, the professor will run for his horse and you should do the same.

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    Run to Blackwater

    Hop on your horse and ride hard for Blackwater. Several groups of Dutch's men will attack you on the way. Keep moving and take them out quickly, using Dead Eye when possible. Keep an eye on your mini map and try to spot and deal with them before they even enter handgun range. The combination of Dead Eye and a good rifle can eliminate entire groups very quickly.

    Once the two of you have made it safely back to his office, you'll need to meet MacDougal in the alleyway. He'll thank you, and your mission is complete.

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