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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "Justice in Pike's Basin"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In the Red Dead Redemption mission "Justice in Pike's Basin," you'll take the fight to a group of outlaws holed up in a nearby canyon. This encounter is your first large-scale gunfight, and a sneak preview of the Pike's Basin gang hideout, so pay attention.

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    "Justice in Pike's Basin"

    The second Red Dead Redemption mission you'll undertake with Armadillo's Marshal Johnson is "Justice in Pike's Basin."

    Here, you'll get to put those new-found combat skills to the test, clearing out a nest of bad guys close to town.

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    Bad News in Armadillo

    Red Dead Redemption Horseplay You'll start out the mission discussing the pros and cons of progress (a popular theme in Red Dead Redemption) with the Marshal. Eventually, one of the inept deputies will burst through the door, talking about some cattle rustlers he spotted earlier.

    The Marshal conveniently asks you to accompany him and his deputies to check into it. Head outside and mount up, you've got a short ride ahead of you.

    Follow the Marshal and his men to Pike's Basin, then get ready to do a little shooting.

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    Showdown in Pike's Basin

    Red Dead Redemption Weapons Once you arrive, hop off your horse and follow the Marshal and his men into the Basin. You can use a revolver if you like, but your best bet is probably going to be the best rifle you've got.

    At the fork, you'll be ambushed by a group of Bollard Twins gang members. Take cover behind a nearby rock and pick them off one by one. Once the first group is eliminated, you have a choice: take the left fork with the deputies or move up the right fork with the Marshal. Your choice won't affect the mission's outcome, it just depends on how much you want to listen to the inane chatter of the deputies.

    Take cover where you can, and take out the groups of enemies you encounter. Make sure you've eliminated them all before moving on, and don't forget you can loot the bodies of the fallen for extra ammo and cash.

    Use your mini map to get a heads up on upcoming groups. Don't be afraid to take cover and regenerate health if you get low. A few lost seconds hiding is better than having to restart the whole mission.

    When you get to a campsite, don't forget to loot any chests that you find. There are usually at least two near any campfires you encounter.

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    Rendezvous at the Bridge

    Take Cover in Red Dead Redemption Your first waypoint is at one end of a rope bridge. Once you get there, you and your chosen companions will move through a couple more groups of enemies before rejoining whomever you separated from initially.

    Once across the last bridge, the Marshal orders you and his deputies to try and sneak into the camp. Stay low and move from cover to cover, getting as close as possible before you open fire. There are a lot of bad guys to take out here, so be sure you stay low and shoot one at a time. Use the high ground to your advantage, taking out everyone in range below before moving down into the canyon. When you're ready, move down and finish off any stragglers.

    Once they're all dead, the Marshal compliments your shooting and orders you to untie the hostages. The ranchers thank you, and the Marshal delivers a well-earned pat on the back.

    One of the deputies, Eli, mentions that the local snake oil salesman, Nigel West Dickens is missing, and the Marshal asks you to go find him. Sounds like you've got yourself another new contact.

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