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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "The Outlaw's Return"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

John's family has been freed and he's finally fulfilled his obligations to the government agents. Now, he returns home to find his livestock stolen and the ranch in disarray. Firt order of business: calling in an old favor. Mount up and head to MacFarlane's ranch to buy some cattle.

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    His work for the government finished, John finally gets to return home to his wife and son in the "The Outlaw's Return" mission. You'll find the ranch changed a bit since you left, and will have to reunite with some familiar allies to get some new livestock.

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    "The Outlaw's Return"

    Abigail Marston Head home to John's ranch, and walk into the yellow "X" just outside the house to begin. John calls for his wife and son, and the door finally opens to reveal Abigail. She's not pleased with John, but is glad to hear he's chosen not to return to his old life with the gang. The reunion becomes a happy one, and Jack appears and hugs his father.

    The ranch's livestock has been taken or killed, and John and his son will need to head out in the morning to acquire some more cattle. Time to call in an old favor.

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    Ride to MacFarlane Ranch

    Jack Marston In the morning, John wakes early and heads outside. You'll need to meet up with Jack at the blue waypoint on your map to continue. Jack's got the horses saddled and ready, so mount up and head out.

    Your destination is MacFarlane ranch, and for once John gets to lead. Stay with Jack, and follow the yellow path on your map.

    Along the way Jack will ask quite a few questions about recent events, and John will answer as best he can. Before you know it, the ranch comes into view. Your destination is a waypoint right in front of the ranch house.

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    Reunited With The MacFarlanes

    Bonnie MacFarlane in Red Dead Redemption Drew is waiting for you outside the house. John asks him to sell a few cattle, and he sends you out to meet up with Bonnie at the corral. She's pleased to see John, but retains her signature wit.

    Follow Bonnie out to the yellow waypoint to start driving the cattle. Jack takes the lead, and you will need to push the 15 cattle out of the corral and toward the yellow waypoint. Bonnie offers to help you get them moving and Drew wishes you luck as you leave.

    Herd the cattle as you learned to do in the beginning of the game. Sweep back and forth to keep them headed in the right direction, and pay attention to the waypoint on your map, as well as the herd icon.

    Bonnie and John will talk as you head for the first waypoint. Once you arrive, the herd will stop and you'll need to ride into the yellow "X" to continue.

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    Through the River

    Herd Cows in Red Dead Redemption Bonnie leaves you here, and it's up to you and Jack to get the cows home. Your first obstacle is the river, dead ahead. Push the herd through as Jack leads. This is the one time you'll be able to enter water without dying, so don't worry.

    Keep an eye out for stragglers as you push the herd over the plains. You'll keep going for a few minutes until John spots some suspicious riders on the horizon. He fears they may be rustlers.

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    Defend Your Herd

    Red Dead Redemption Cattle Herding The rustlers attack almost immediately, and you'll need to take them out quickly in order to defend Jack and the herd. Two groups will attack separately, and you can take them all out quickly using Dead Eye.

    Once they're dead, head back to Jack. He's okay, but upset.

    After the attack, get the herd moving again, follow Jack up the road towards the ranch. Keep pushing them toward home, and quickly grab any stragglers you see.

    Once you enter the gates of the ranch, you'll need to move the cows into the pen. Once they're safely inside, John asks Jack to meet him at the hitching post. Ride over and hitch your horse.

    Congratulations, your mission is complete.

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