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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "Bear One Another's Burdens"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

John has finally worked his way back to Blackwater and is now in the direct employ of the men who are holding his family hostage. In the "Bear One Another's Burdens" mission, you'll have to head out to a local shipwreck in search of Dutch Van Der Linde, the final member of John's former gang.

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    John meets up with Agent Ross in the newly-opened up town of Blackwater in "Bear One Another's Burdens." Now that Williamson and Escuella have been accounted for, he believes he's fulfilled his commitment to the government.

    The government agents, however, have other ideas.

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    "Bear One Another's Burdens"

    Edgar Ross in Red Dead Redemption Meet up with Agent Ross outside the courthouse in Blackwater. Inside, John will find Ross and his partner upstairs. John wants his family back, feeling his mission is now complete.

    They want Dutch, the former leader of John's gang. You'll have to track him down before John's mission is done. The agents think he's hiding near the wreck of a nearby Riverboat, the Serendipity. You'll head out with the agents to track him down. On the way out, Ross gives you the High Power pistol.

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    A Sunday Drive

    John will hop in a nearby car for the ride out to the Serendipity. You can watch the trip and listen to the Agents' conversation, or you can skip directly to your destination.

    The conversation isn't pleasant, but you'll get some background on John's situation and a little character development from the agents.

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    Serendipity, Kind of an Ironic Name

    Revolver in Red Dead Redemption The Agents will stop the car on the hill overlooking the Serendipity. You'll need to stay with Agent Fordham as he heads down the hill. Once you get onto the docks, Fordham is surprised to find them deserted. The two of you will head toward the wrecked boat until someone screams and he sends you to investigate.

    You'll need to head around the backside of the ship and up the stairs at the rear to find the source of the disturbance. A prisoner is on the upper deck, bound and with a bag on his head. John frees him, and Fordham reveals the prisoner to be his informant.

    Nastas will let you know that the whole thing is a setup, and John will throw him over his shoulder to carry him to safety. Bandits will storm the ship, and you'll have to take them out to get him off of the boat.

    Keep an eye on Nastas' health bar, as well. If he dies, the mission is over. You can only use your pistol while carrying him, so liberal use of Dead Eye is the best way to proceed.

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    Abandon Ship

    Nastas in Red Dead Redemption The docks are absolutely teeming with outlaws when you try to escape. Use Dead Eye and clear them out as quickly as possible, but keep moving. Fordham helps a little, but for the most part you'll need to put your new pistol to good use to escape. Once they're cleared out, follow Fordham back to the car. Load Nastas into the backseat and John will climb in beside him.

    Fordham takes the wheel and you'll head back to Blackwater. Ross isn't happy about the way the mission went. The car is slow and the journey is uneventful until the car suddenly dies. So much for modern technology.

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    Defend the Car

    Red Dead Redemption unlockable revolver Fordham attempts to restart the car while you and Ross jump out and take on the approaching gang. Take cover behind some nearby rocks and shoot to kill. Once they're all dead, the car is fixed. Hop back in and keep moving.

    After the initial attack, you'll be able to skip the rest of the way back to Blackwater.

    Once you're back in Blackwater, the agents drop Nastas off with Professor Mcdougal, and your mission is complete.

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