Red Dead Redemption "The Assault on Fort Mercer" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "The Assault on Fort Mercer" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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“The Assault on Fort Mercer”

This is it. Everything you’ve done so far in Red Dead Redemption has led up to the “Assault on Fort Mercer” mission. You’ve enlisted the help of the local Marshal, a crazy grave robber, a snake oil salesman, and the local drunk, and now you and your crack team are going to take the fight to the bandits holed up at Fort Mercer.

To get started, you’ll need to meet up with your team just outside Fort Mercer, at the giant “M” on your map. The yellow “X” you’ll need to walk into is atop a hill overlooking the fort.

The Set Up

Nigel West Dickens

Seth has worked his way inside, and Nigel’s plan is ready to go. After John surveys the area from the hill, he climbs into Nigel’s wagon and they head inside. Nigel’s plan is to put the bandits at ease with one of his sales pitches, then give you the signal to open fire.

The outlaws open the gate, and Nigel drives the wagon inside. His pitch gets their attention, and they all begin to gather around the wagon. After some ridiculous claims, he decides the gang has moved close enough, and gives you the signal to open fire. John opens up the wagon and the fun begins.

Taking Out the Trash

Gatling Gun in Red Dead Redemption

Your Gatling gun will make quick work of the assembled bad guys, but you’ll have to keep firing as more and more begin to emerge from the fort. Take advantage of the lanterns and TNT caches spread around the area to cause massive damage, and use your mini map to pinpoint the location of enemies hiding behind cover.

They are no match for your gun, but if your health begins to get low, don’t forget that you can use any medicine you’ve brought along with you to heal up quickly.

Cleaning House

Red Dead Redemption Deputies

Once the first couple of waves have been defeated, the Marshal and his men move in to assist you. John will hop down from the wagon and you’ll have to track down and kill the remaining enemies on foot, with the help of the lawmen. Take a sec to look some bodies for ammo if you’re low, then follow the Marshal and his men.

The deputies have apparently been practicing, as they’re actually somewhat useful during the assault. Work your way around the fort, taking advantage of elevated positions whenever possible, and kill all the remaining bandits. Once they’re cleared, meet up with the Marshal down in the courtyard.

Mopping Up the Reinforcements

Red Dead Redemption Combat

Nigel reappears at the gate, begging to be let back inside. He comes bearing bad news, as an army of riders is now descending on the fort. John takes up his position on the Gatling gun and the defense of Fort Mercer begins.

Take them out as before, paying special attention to wagons sporting mounted guns of their own. A couple well-placed shots should make them explode.

After the reinforcements are dead, one of the deputies announces that Bill Williamson is nowhere to be found. Fortunately a survivor reveals Bill’s location. He’s gone to Mexico, which is where you’ll have to go to find him.

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