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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

It was only a matter of time before the only major female character in the wild west of Red Dead Redemption found herself in trouble, and the title of the "Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane" mission pretty much says it all. John and the Marshal team up to save Miss MacFarlane from a band of outlaws.

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    "Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane"

    The local gangs have stepped up their attacks against the MacFarlane Ranch, and this time Bonnie has disappeared. It's up to John and the local Marshal to find and rescue her in the Red Dead Redemption "Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane" mission.

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    Drew is Less Than Pleased

    Bonnie MacFarlane in Red Dead Redemption To begin the mission, walk into the "X" in front of Marshal Johnson's office in Armadillo. Once inside, John interrupts Drew MacFarlane and the Marshal speculating about John's involvement in Bonnie's disappearance.

    Bonnie has been missing for a day, and a rider appears outside to propose a trade: Norman Deek for Bonnie MacFarlane. You'll have to take Deek to the abandoned town of Tumbleweed to get her back.

    John and the Marshal decide to grab Deek and head for Tumbleweed.

    Hop on your horse and ride with the Marshal and his deputies. Once you reach the wooden bridge, you're just about there. Unfortunately, the exchange is not going to go as well as you'd probably hoped

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    Not Much of a Prisoner Exchange

    Revolver in Red Dead Redemption The Marshal asks John to take Norman into town and exchange him for Bonnie. Just follow him with your gun drawn to ensure he doesn't get out of line. Stay behind him. If he slows down too much, get close and give him a shove in the right direction. Three gang members approach and Bonnie is nowhere to be found.

    Not surprisingly, this is an ambush. The bad guys will open fire and you'll have to take them out quickly, using your Dead Eye ability is the best way to do so. Aside from the three in front of you, a fourth gang member shoots from atop the steeple of a nearby church. Take him out quickly as well and head for cover.

    Use the ample available cover and keep moving toward the blue dot on your mini map. Take out the gang members quickly, but duck behind cover when you need to recover health. Your Winchester Repeater will serve you well in this fight.

    Red Dead Redemption take cover Once you've taken out the first group of outlaws, a cinematic reveals that Bonnie is hanging by her neck, strangling to death. You need to get to her as quickly as possible to keep her alive. When you get close enough, use your Dead Eye ability to shoot the rope from which she is hanging and save her life. After she's on the ground, move close to her and cut her free.

    Bonnie is a little worse for wear, but somehow still manages to retain her trademark attitude, criticizing you for taking so long to free her.

    Bonnie will ride back tow to town with the Marshal and his deputies, and you've earned a fame and honor boost for your efforts.

    The local gangs have gotten far too out of control, and it's up to John to do something about it.

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