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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "The Demon Drink"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

"The Demon Drink" mission is your introduction to both the fire bottle weapon and the disreputable tactics employed by the current Mexican government in Red Dead Redemption. Help De Santa clear out some rebels and then use your molotovs to burn down their homes.

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    In the "The Demon Drink" Red Dead Redemption mission, Captain De Santa will send you on a mission to clear out and burn down a local village that he suspects of containing rebels. You'll also learn the fine art of throwing fire bottles and open them up for purchase throughout the land.

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    "The Demon Drink"

    Vincente de Santa in Red Dead Redemption To get started with the mission, walk into the courtyard at the president's estate. You'll walk in on De Santa on the receiving end of a lecture from his commander. John interrupts them, and asks for information about the whereabouts of Javier Escuella.

    Colonel Allende enlists your help with a little problem De Santa's men are having at Tesoro Azul. Hop on your horse and ride with De Santa toward Tesoro Azul.

    Along the way you'll get to hear John and De Santa argue about the leadership skills of Colonel Allende. Once De Santa grows tired of your questions about his leader, he'll challenge you to a race to your destination. Racing is nothing new at this point, just get ahead of him and stay there and you'll have little trouble winning.

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    A Police Action at Tesoro Azul

    Revolver in Red Dead Redemption When you arrive, you'll see De Santa's men executing civilians outside the city's walls. The men will open the gate for you, and you'll be asked to search the town for hiding rebels.

    Move forward slowly, as a large group will jump out and start shooting. Take cover and use your mini map to find and eliminate them. Move carefully, as it's pretty easy to get overwhelmed with so many people shooting at you.

    Find a place to hunker down and regenerate health if you start taking too many hits, and let De Santa's men help you as much as possible. Use your Dead Eye ability to even up the odds a bit, as well.

    Once you've eliminated all the rebels, take a minute to loot any bodies if you're low on ammo and then join De Santa in the middle of town.

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    Tesoro Azul Burning

    Red Dead Redemption Fire Bottle Captain Espinoza gives you a new task, making sure that the rebels have no homes to return to. Head toward the green waypoint on your map to pick up some fire bottles.

    There are three "rebel hideouts" that you are in charge of burning. Select the fire bottle from the radial menu then hold down the button to aim as normal. Use the firing arc to choose the destination for your bottle, then throw it with the fire button.

    Once all three buildings are afire, a soldier compliments you on your throwing skills. It's obvious John is starting to have second thoughts about his involvement with Allende and his men, and as you walk away from the burning village, it's not hard to see why.

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Red Dead Redemption Captain De Santa Contact Missions

Captain De Santa is hell bent on helping Colonel Allende eliminate the rebels from Mexico, and you'll have to help him if you want to get any information on the whereabouts of Escuella or Williamson while South of the border.
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