Red Dead Redemption "Father Abraham" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "Father Abraham" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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Luisa needs your help in the Red Dead Redemption “Father Abraham” mission. A terrible tragedy has befallen her family, and she fears for the future of the rebellion.

She needs you to assist her in slowing down the flow of supplies and reinforcements to Colonel Allende and his men.

“Father Abraham”

When you ride out to meet with Luisa at the waypoint, at first you’ll see nothing. John goes to relieve himself, and is ambushed by two Mexicans who remove his weapons and ask him to follow.

They’ll lead you to Luisa and her makeshift camp. Her father has been killed for treason, and she is hungry for vengeance.

The rebellion is gaining strength, and Allende has sent for additional troops and supplies. Reyes has asked John, through Luisa, to ensure that they never arrive. John is reluctant at first, but agrees to help out of respect for Luisa’s dead father.

Set ‘em Up…

Wagon in Red Dead Redemption

Luisa will head for a nearby wagon, and will ask you to hop up and ride shotgun or follow on your own horse. If you ride with her, you’ll have a chance to hear her thoughts on her recently deceased father and the leadership of Abraham Reyes. John’s former deeds, working for Allende, also come up along the way. If you’d rather just get started, however, you can skip to the destination.

The mission begins when you arrive in Punta Orgullo. John asks about the nature of the mission, and Luisa lets him know he’ll be in charge of blowing up the convoy, which means you get to play with dynamite.

Once you reach the overpass where the ambush is to take place, Luisa asks you to help her men by showing them where to place the dynamite. You have a limited amount of area over which you can spread out the dynamite, and you’ll have to indicate where the workers should bury it.

Make sure you spread it out so that you have a good chance of destroying most of the convoy with it. After all five charges are planted, you’ll need to head up the hill and meet Luisa near the detonator.

…and Knock ‘em Down

Red Dead Redemption Weapons Dynamite

The detonator is positioned on a bluff overlooking the road you’ve just rigged with explosives. You can set off the individual charges one by one, and you can change which one you’re detonating with the left thumbstick. Look at your mini map if you’re not sure which charge is currently active. It will be blinking.

Wait until the first wagon is over one of your charges and use the right trigger or R2 to detonate it. Afterward, the rebels will attack the remaining soldiers. Keep an eye on the road and watch as the second wagon approaches. It may take a slight detour around the first wagon, but will return to the road. When it does, destroy it as well when it passes over one of your other charges.

Once both wagons are destroyed, Luisa thanks you and your mission is complete.

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