Red Dead Redemption "Man is Born Unto Trouble" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "Man is Born Unto Trouble" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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“Man is Born Unto Trouble”

The last time John spoke to his new contact Irish, he sent John on a wild goose chase into a camp of heavily-armed men. John is none too pleased to have been deceived.

You’ll find Irish at Benedict Point. Walk into the yellow “X” in front of the building you found Moses inside of during the “Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies” mission to get started.

John finds Irish passed out on the side of the building, and wakes him from a drunken stupor. He questions the sleepy Irishman about the missing machine gun and reminds him about the debt he’s owed.

After a few threats, John convinces Irish to help him find the gun he’s after. Hop on your horse and follow Irish to get started.

A Couple of Miner Obstacles

Red Dead Redemption Weapons

Your destination is the nearby mine. Some miners have been talking about a gatling gun they found, and they’ve got it stashed near Gaptooth Breech. John is a bit suspicious about Irish’s story, but keeps on heading toward the mine anyway.

Once you arrive, the two of you will take a minute to survey the camp. Irish offers to hide the horses and return with a wagon while you head inside to retrieve the gun. Two riders approach, and the game suggests you use Dead Eye to take them both out simultaneously, which is a fantastic way to proceed.

After they’re dead, head down into the camp. The miners will take up arms against you almost immediately, and you’ll need to clear them all out before you head down into the mine to get your gun. Take advantage of the ample cover offered by the camp and watch your mini map for red dots to take out. Take a minute to loot the bodies outside once they’re all dead, then head into the mine.

That Gun is Mine

Red Dead Redemption TNT Barrel

Follow the cart tracks into the mine. Once inside, watch your mini map for bad guys in your path. Use the conveniently-located TNT caches to blow the crap out of bad guys cowering behind cover and follow the tracks down to the mine’s core. You can also shoot lamps to make a smaller explosion.

All the alternate paths have been blocked off, so there’s only one way to go as you move in. Be sure to take out any TNT you come across so that the miners don’t end up shooting it while you stand nearby. The sawed-off shotgun, if you’ve already bought it in Thieves’ Landing, is a great weapon to use down here.

At the bottom of the mine is a large empty room. There are four outlaws down here gunning for you, and once they’re taken care of, John will discover his Gatling gun in a mine cart. Walk up to the cart and grab ahold to start pushing. You’ll need to push the cart back the way you came to get to the shaft room. Once you get it going downhill, push it fast enough and you’ll jump on and ride the rest of the way.

To everyone’s surprise, Irish is actually waiting at the top of the shaft. John loads the gun into the lift and Irish pulls him up. Unfortunately, you’re not quite done pushing yet.

Mr. Marston’s Wild Ride

Red Dead Redemptoin

You’ll need to push the cart to the waiting wagon at the bottom of the hill. Unfortunately, a few miners are still left outside and they’re none too happy about you taking their gun. Hop on the cart and use your sidearm to take out anyone who shoots at you. The bad guys will also set up TNT on the tracks, so you’ll want to shoot them long before you get close.

Irish awaits in the mining camp. John loads up the gun, and Irish leaves with it. Your mission is finished and your gun has been acquired. You’re one step closer to attacking Fort Mercer.

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