Red Dead Redemption "We Shall Be Together in Paradise" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "We Shall Be Together in Paradise" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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“We Shall Be Together in Paradise”

Bill Williamson has fled to Mexico, and it’s there you’ll have to go if you ever hope to catch him. Fortunately, Irish claims to have a few “friends” down there and knows how to get across the river.

You’ll have to meet him at the ferry located South of the MacFarlane Ranch to get started, though. This river ride is going to be anything but peaceful, and you’ll get a chance to hone your shooting skills while moving downriver and facing a veritable army of Irish’s Mexican fans.

Irish won’t be able to leave you hanging this time. You’re in this one together and you’ll both have to fight to the finish if you hope to survive this ride.

Cross the River

Nigel West Dickens

Irish and Nigel are having a discussion when you arrive, Nigel has come to see you off. Irish claims to be able to get you across the river, but you have little choice but to trust him.

Irish pulls the ferry across the river, and just about the time you get settled in for a peaceful ride, a group of bad guys appear on the opposite shore and start shooting at you.

An Irish Ferry Ride

Red Dead Redemption unlockable weapons the repeater

Irish cuts the rope, and your simple ferry trip turns into a downriver shooting match. Irish has a box of ammo on the boat you can reload from, and the wall of the ferry makes for very convenient cover as you take out the various gunmen along the shoreline. Use your mini map to find them, and take care to duck down and regenerate health if you start to take hits.

About the time you hear Irish say “oh, my good Lord,” enemies on the cliffs start to throw dynamite at your little raft. Keep an eye on the horizon and take these guys out before you get close to them whenever possible. For a cool surprise, use Dead Eye to shoot the dynamite when it is still in their hands. Apparently Irish has a few less friends in Mexico than you were led to believe.

You’ll continue down the river, shooting at horsemen and outlaws behind cover alike, until a lull in the fighting provides Irish with a chance to explain himself. The respite is short-lived, however, as another group of outlaws attacks you from behind a large rock. More dynamite throwers are ahead, so take them out from afar like before.

Aground in a Convenient Location

Eventually you’ll run aground near a pair of conveniently-placed horses. After taking out their owners, you’re free to mount up and try to find one of Irish’s barely-remembered contacts. Predictably, Irish rides off and leaves you on your own.

You now have two new contacts to choose from. Landon Ricketts in Chuparosa and De Santa in Escalera.

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