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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "On Shaky's Ground"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Irish has sunk to a new low when you begin the "On Shaky's Ground" mission, robbing a pair of nuns. John will show him the error of his ways, then the two of them will infiltrate a Thieves' Landing warehouse to get much-needed ammo for the assault on Fort Mercer.

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    "On Shaky's Ground"

    Irish in Red Dead Redemption Irish has finally helped you acquire the Gatling gun you need for your assault on Fort Mercer, but it's not much good without ammunition.

    Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), Irish has got a plan for getting ahold of some. You'll have to go all the way to Thieves' Landing to meet up with him first, though.

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    Nun of John's Business

    Take Cover in Red Dead Redemption Walk into the Yellow "X" outside the Saloon to get started. Irish is robbing a couple of nuns when you approach, and John intervenes in the only way he knows how. Irish claims to know where to find some parts, but you'll have to follow him to get them.

    Your destination is the warehouse at the South end of Thieves' Landing. The plan is to meet Irish's friend Shaky, and get what you need to get the gun working from him.

    Irish tries to open the main gate to the warehouse, but it's locked. You'll have to head around back to get inside. Follow Irish to the back door.

    As you approach the door, the sounds of trouble are audible from inside. Shaky has been found out and a group of men are working him over pretty well. Irish tells you to sneak in and save Shaky while he grabs the wagon.

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    Clearing Out the Warehouse

    Red Dead Redemption Combat To get inside, you'll need to use a ladder located a bit farther down the dock. Climb it, then mount the second ladder nearby. You'll need to walk slowly or crouch to avoid being heard by the bad guys below.

    Your way in is an open window on the other side of the roof. You can find it by looking for the familiar yellow "X." Once inside, your job is to get to Shaky and rescue him. You can avoid the guard on the landing inside if you wait for him to head downstairs. Either way, though, you'll need to take out the men in the office to free Shaky. Be careful not to shoot him accidentally when you shoot his captors.

    Once you've freed Shaky, several gunmen appear in the warehouse. You'll need to fight your way out and keep Shaky alive in the process.

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    Everything Must Go!

    Riding Shotgun in Red Dead Redemption The window you take cover under is a great place to take out most of the bad guys. Before you leave the office, be sure to loot the chest on the floor for a small amount of cash and a scrap of the "Bollard Twins" outfit.

    When the warehouse is clear, you can head for the main door. Shaky will stand aside while you open it. Once the door is open, another group of bad guys will attack. The boxes right in front of the door are a great place to take cover and take them out.

    Shaky will lead the way to the ammo once the first group is down. Four more bad guys will attack when you head toward it, but you should be able to take them out easily. Once they're clear, Shaky will help you load up the ammunition and Irish will ask you to ride shotgun on the wagon.

    Groups of bandits will attack your wagon, but you're skilled at riding shotgun by now, and should have little trouble with them. Keep your eye on the mini map and use your Dead Eye to keep them away from the wagon.

    Once you approach the MacFarlane Ranch, John will put his gun away and the mission is complete.

    Congratulations, you now have everything you need for your assault of Fort Mercer.

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