Red Dead Redemption "Old Swindler's Blues" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "Old Swindler's Blues" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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“Old Swindler’s Blues”

Your first encounter with Nigel West Dickens is a memorable one. You’ll find him in need of some assistance, and only John can make sure he gets back to town in time.

Nigel is an interesting character who will have a few jobs for you later on, so it’s in your best interest to keep him alive.

Old West Ambulance Driver

You’ll find Nigel West Dickens passed out on the ground and bleeding. John puts him back up on the wagon and offers to drive back to town.

Dickens is bleeding pretty badly, so you’ll need to get him back to Armadillo as quickly as possible. Keep an eye on his health gauge at the top of the screen to get an idea of just how much longer he has. Drive as fast as possible but stick to the road, as driving a wagon cross country with Nigel bleeding to death beside you isn’t a great idea.

Unfortunately, this is no simple drive back to town. Outlaws will appear nearby and take shots at both you and Mr. Dickens. Keep driving, but shoot the bad guys as soon as they get close. Speed is important here, but won’t count for much if you let Nigel get shot to death before you make it back. Watch your mini map for approaching red dots and deal with them as quickly as possible, while still keeping the wagon on the road.

Follow the yellow line on your map, stay on the road, and shoot quickly. Auto aim is a lifesaver here, as is the Dead Eye ability. Press down on the right thumbstick to use it while aiming, then pull the trigger to deliver a series of perfectly-placed shots.

On to Armadillo

Red Dead Redemption Defend the Wagon

After you take out the first group of attackers, Dickens will begin to explain what happened to him before you arrived. It seems he was set upon by bandits and robbed, though he claims not to know who they were.

Nigel is a fairly self-important man, and you’ll get the impression he’s not to be trusted fully. About the time he’s finished his explanation, a second group of bad guys attacks. Take them out in much the same way you did the first group and keep moving.

About the time you’ve dealt with the last of the outlaws, Armadillo will come into view. You’re home free now, just get there as quickly as possible.

John will pull the wagon to a stop outside the doctor’s office, and Nigel will need some help to get into the doctor’s office.

Afterward, your mission is complete. You’ve earned some fame and honor, and will soon have a new contact to take mission from, as soon as his wounds are healed.

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