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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "The Sport of Kings, and Liars"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Now that Nigel's elixir business has gone South, the two of you will have to make money to prepare for the assault on Fort Mercer some other way. Mr. West Dickens, not surprisingly, has a plan. Get ready to go horse racing, Red Dead Redemption style.

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    "The Sport of Kings, and Liars"

    Nigel West Dickens Now that his elixir-selling business has gone belly up, Nigel West Dickens has been forced to seek other means of earning the money he'll need to prepare for getting you into Fort Mercer.

    John, of course, gets roped into helping. This time by running a horse race.

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    Warming Up Before the Big Race

    Red Dead Redemption Map You'll find Nigel West Dickens this time right where you left him, and Cueva Seca. His latest scheme involves another race, this time at Rathskeller Fork.

    This time, however, he takes off without you. You'll have to hop on your own horse and follow him there.

    Mount up and head for the yellow waypoint on your map. You can either stay with Mr. Dickens and listen to his latest tirade or ride ahead to the fork. Either way, the mission won't continue until you arrive.

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    And They're Off!

    Red Dead Redemption Racing This latest race is on horseback, so make sure you've called your personal mount before it begins. Line up at the start with the other racers and wait for the gunshot to begin.

    Like before, the course is marked by smoking campfires. You can also see the waypoints on your mini map, so use it to plan the best possible route.

    You've got to come in first to complete the mission, so make sure you keep your horse's stamina in the blue and stick to the road to go as fast as possible. You aren't allowed to shoot either the other riders or their horses, so you'll have to win this one fair and square, just like the chariot race.

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    Course Conditions Vary

    Red Dead Redemption Horseplay During the course of the race, you'll come across the familiar town of Tumbleweed. Be careful once you get there, as you'll be required to negotiate a narrow cliff path before you head back out of town. The course will also take you across the rickety old wooden bridge nearby, so be careful as you cross it.

    The course will split in a few places, but just keep your eye on the next waypoint and you should be able to continue in the right direction. A few tight corners offer you the opportunity to cut across and gain an advantage and you'll want to do so whenever possible, just don't stay off the road for too long.

    Get out in front early and stay there and you should have little problem coming in first in this race. The finish line is back at Rathskeller Fork, under the wooden gate that marks the entrance to the settlement.

    Nigel is extremely pleased with himself when you win. John is pleased as well, as Nigel finally has enough funds to fulfill his part of their agreement. Now you just need to complete the tasks for Seth and Irish and you're ready to take on Williamson and his gang at Fort Mercer.

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