Red Dead Redemption "An Appointed Time" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "An Appointed Time" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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Your final mission in Mexico is “An Appointed Time.” You’ll help Reyes finally overthrow the corrupt Colonel Allende and get your hands on the man you’ve been searching for, Bill Williamson.

Doing so won’t be easy, though. You’ll have to save Reyes from execution once again and storm the Colonel’s estate in Escalera.

“An Appointed Time”

Your mission begins in Escalera. The city is in flames, and the citizens are all up in arms as you enter the city.

John will come upon a group of soldiers beating a peasant and walk past as he is executed. The soldiers re mobilizing and fighting the peasants in the streets, but John walks right past.

Reyes has been captured and is being beaten by a few more soldiers. John orders them to let him go, then pulls his gun. Luisa rushes in to save Reyes and gets herself shot, and John capitalizes on the opportunity to take out two of the soldiers. A duel ensues between John and Raul. Take him down quickly, then move over and free Reyes.

“Today We Overthrow the Colonel!”

Luisa in Red Dead redemption

A citizen appears and mentions that the prisoners in the nearby jail will fight for Reyes if they are released. He orders you to free them. Head to the yellow waypoint on your mini map.

Along the way you’ll have the opportunity to stop a group of citizens from being executed, but be ready to defend yourself from nearby guards if you do so. Your destination is the entrance archway of the jail at the top of the hill.


Red Dead Redemption unlockable revolver

Once you pass through the doorway, a group of guards will stream out and attack. Take cover outside the entrance and dispatch them quickly. Move inside once the guards are dead.

Shoot the three locks to free the prisoners, just be careful not to hit any of them. Once they’re free, run outside the jail and meet up with Reyes and his men on the road leading to the Colonel’s estate.

Page two has the rest of the “An Appointed Time” mission, including a little more time on a Gatling gun and the end of both Colonel Allende and Bill Williamson.

Take the Hill

Red Dead Redemption Weapons

You will be without cover for a minute, so shoot quickly to take out the nearby soldiers, then use cover to start taking down the rest. Advance up the hill, and use Dead Eye to take out the bad guys quickly and efficiently.

Reyes will lead the charge, and as you turn the corner you’ll encounter a large number of entrenched soldiers. The sandbags aren’t great cover, but there is a large rock on the right side of the road that will afford you total protection.

Additional waves of soldiers will attack as you move up the hill. Stay in cover and don’t be afraid to hide if your health gets low. Use Dead Eye immediately if any of the soldiers jumps on the Gatling gun at the top of

Gatling Gun in Red Dead Redemption

the hill. Take out the shooter quickly or he’ll wipe out John and Reyes' men very quickly.

Once the soldiers are cleared out, meet up with Reyes at the gate to the mansion. The rebels will set up some TNT to blow the gate. Jump on the Gatling gun and shoot it, but be prepared to take out the soldiers who stream out. Once they’re down, Reyes will lead the charge into the estate.

Clear out the courtyard and meet Reyes at the door.

Defeat the Counterattack

Once Reyes' men start trying to break down the door, the army will organize a counterattack. You’ll have to fend them off, and you can either use the Gatling gun outside the gate or take cover inside the courtyard to do so. When they’re all dead, head back inside and meet up with Reyes.

Allende and Williamson

Red Dead Redemption Wagon Train

Allende and Williamson will escape by stagecoach the second you break down the door. You’ll have to fight your way through a handful of soldiers to find a horse and give chase.

Move quickly, taking out the soldiers as fast as you can to reach the horse, or else you’ll have a long chase ahead of you. Once you’ve caught up with wagon, take out the driver with Dead Eye, but keep moving or else the Gatling gun on the wagon will turn you into hamburger.

Once the guards are dead, the wagon stops and John and Reyes will move in. Allende tosses Williamson out of the wagon, and you’ll finally get the chance to finish him. Once he’s dead, Reyes kills Allende and the people of the province are freed.

With Williamson dead, John is one step closer to freeing his family. Reyes invites John to join his rebellion, but John has to get back to Blackwater to track down Dutch and finish his mission.

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