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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "The Great Mexican Train Robbery"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Abraham Reyes needs your help with a daring mission, stealing a supply train right out from under the Mexican Army. You'll need to attack stealthily before commandeering a Gatling gun and taking over the train. Afterward, the contents of the armored train car are yours.

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    Now that all your ties with the Mexican army and Colonel Allende have pretty much been severed, you'll have to rely on the rebel leader Abraham Reyes to help you find Williamson and Escuella.

    His first mission for you is a big one, you'll help him rob a moving train. Along the way you'll pick up the ability to use throwing knives and mow down a ton of soldiers with a Gatling gun.

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    "The Great Mexican Train Robbery"

    Abraham Reyes To get started, meet up with Reyes in Agave Viejo. You'll find him outside, near the tent camp. Reyes' men are initially distrustful of you, not surprising given your previous involvement with the Mexican Army.

    Reyes greats you heartily, then climbs atop a nearby stump to deliver one of his rousing speeches. Afterward, he waxes philosophical about the future of Mexico once he's risen to power. He then asks your help with a robbery he's planning.

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    Ride to Chuparosa

    Red Dead Redemption Horseplay After the cutscene, hop onto your horse and follow Reyes. He will ask John about his history with Williamson and Escuella, and John will once again explain his shady past. He'll also spend a little time explaining the chain of command under the current Mexican government.

    As you approach Chuparosa, Reyes will explain that the train is carrying a large quantity of supplies for the Mexican Army, and these supplies are to be your target.

    The city is deserted when you enter, and the train is guarded by soldiers. Reyes' plan is simple, he'll create a distraction while you detach the cars from the train. He'll give some throwing knives so you can kill guards quietly.

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    Board the Train

    Red Dead Redemption Mount Train Reyes will ride off to begin his diversion, advising you not to move until he's had sufficient time to distract the soldiers. Stay where you are for the moment. Once the guards run off in pursuit of Abraham, you can make your move. Head toward the yellow dot on your mini map, but watch out as you round the corner, several guards are standing here. Use your throwing knives to take them out quietly.

    There are four guards to deal with. Crouch to move silently and throw a knife at each one in turn. Keep an eye on your mini map, if a guard is alerted to your presence his dot will begin to grow. Once the first four are dead, you can hop aboard the train at the yellow "X."

    There are two more guards to deal with once aboard the train. One is manning a gun atop the station and another is facing away from you on the flatbed car you just boarded. Once they're dead, you can move up to the junction between the cars (yellow dot on your mini map) and detach the rear of the train.

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    A Gatling Gun Solves Most Problems

    Gatling Gun in Red Dead Redemption Once the cars are detached and begin to roll away, you'll need to take control of the Gatling gun in the next car up. Use your throwing knives once again to silently take out the soldier manning it, and take over.

    When the gun is yours, you'll need to use it to kill all the soldiers in the nearby camp. More will stream up from the hillside, so be sure they're all clear from your mini map before you stop firing and watch out for reinforcements. After the camp is clear, hop off the Gatling gun and climb onto the next car. Three more guards try to stop you, and stealth is no longer a consideration, so feel free to shoot them as you advance.

    Once all the soldiers are dead, you can move to the engine and release the brake lever to steal the train.

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    Explosive Entrance

    Red Dead Redemption Weapons Dynamite The train starts to move, and John drives it to where Reyes and his men are waiting. He asks you to blow the armored car once the train stops. Climb atop the massive metal box and plant some dynamite, then run to a safe distance. Move back to the hatch you just opened and climb inside.

    You'll have to crack the safe through a quick mini game. First, move the dial to the right to find the first number. The controller will vibrate when you're close, and the lock icon will change when you've found the correct number. Turn the dial back to left for the second number then right again for the third. Don't go the wrong way or you'll reset the lock and have to start again.

    John opens the safe and removes the contents, including $200 and some ammo. Afterward, climb back out of the car and return to Reyes. Reyes' men have loaded the supplies, and he promises to help John find Williamson and Escuella, just not yet.

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You've taken down some key members of the Mexican Army in the province, all that's left now is to help the rebel leader Abraham Reyes finish the job. You'll help him storm a fort and steal a train, and in exchange he'll finally lead you to the men you're seeking.
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