Red Dead Redemption "Great Men are Not Always Wise" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "Great Men are Not Always Wise" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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Rumor has it that Dutch Van Der Linde is meeting with a local Blackwater banker, and it’ll be your job to catch him while he’s in town in the “Great Men Are Not Always Wise” Red Dead Redemption Mission.

It’s unlikely that Dutch will allow himself to be captured without a fight.

“Great Men Are Not Always Wise”

Meet up with Agent Ross once again at the Blackwater police station. He and Fordham have heard from an informant that Dutch is headed into town to meet with a local banker. John and the agents climb up to the roof to get a better view of the transaction.

Climb up the ladder to the roof, and pick up some Sniper ammo before you walk into the yellow “X” near the chimney. Ross will give you a quick rundown of the plan, then you’ll need to equip your sniper rifle and aim at the front door of the bank. One of Dutch’s men will execute a hostage right in front of you, and Ross will give the command to open fire.

The Bank Job

Red Dead Redemption Sniper

Dutch’s men are holed up in the bank, and you’ll have to take them out with your sniper rifle. There are several shooting at you from the bank’s windows, but you’ll make quick work of them with your rifle.

Once the windows are clear, several more gang members will rush out and you’ll need to dispatch them as well. Once all the gang members outside are dead, Ross will order you and one of his agents into the bank. You’ll head downstairs then sprint across the courtyard to the bank. At the door, you’ll need to shoot the doorknobs to break the locks and get inside.

An Inside Job

The gang members will attack as soon as you get the door open. Use your mini map to find them, but watch out for the yellow dots, they represent innocent hostages. Keep them alive but take out the gang members holding them. Dead Eye will be very useful here.

After the lobby is clear, head behind the counter and take out the outlaw holding the young woman hostage. Once he’s dead, all the hostages will run out to safety. Head upstairs to look for Dutch.

Several law enforcement officers are engaged with Dutch’s men at the top of the stairs, help them out by killing the bad guys, then move into the yellow “X” to open the door and keep searching for Dutch.


Inside the office, Dutch is holding a young woman hostage. He and John exchange a few words at gunpoint as Dutch moves toward the door.

Dutch shoots the young woman in the head and makes his escape. You’ll need to head downstairs and grab a horse to give chase.

Once outside, whistle for your horse and join the posse. After a long ride, the agent spots the car Dutch escaped in. Follow the rest of the men into the forest.


Take Cover In Red Dead

Just around the corner from the burning car, a bunch of Dutch’s men lie in wait. Jump off your horse and take cover. Stay with the lawmen and take out any bad guys who pop their heads up. Follow the advance up into Bearclaw Camp.

Use cover when necessary and your Dead Eye ability whenever it’s available. There are a lot of gang members to kill, but just keep advancing with the agents and you will be fine.

Once the whole gang is dead, meet the agents near the cabin. Ross has a few parting words, and your mission is complete.

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