Red Dead Redemption "And You Will Know the Truth" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "And You Will Know the Truth" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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After you’ve successfully completed all of Professor MacDougal’s missions and helped him escape Blackwater, you’ll once again be able to take missions from Edgar Ross.

He’ll once more deny John the opportunity to see his family, then rope him into helping the agency attack Dutch’s gang at their hideout. You’ll spend a bit more time on a mounted gun in this mission, and check out a prototype armored vehicle.

“And You Will Know the Truth”

You’ll once again find Agent Ross at the local police station, near the courthouse. When you enter his office, Ross and Fordham are preparing for battle. John demands the release of his family, and Ross denies him once again.

Ross will attempt to wax philosophical, but fails miserably. Finally, he gets to the point: to save his wife and child, John will have to help them take down Dutch once and for all.

A New Type of Weapon

Red Dead Redemption Maxim Gun

Outside, a strange contraption awaits: an armored truck with a machine gun mounted in the back. John climbs aboard and takes up the gunner’s position.

Townsfolk will gather and comment as you roll through town. You can listen to the comments of the people and the opinions of the agents or skip directly to your destination. You’re headed to a nearby army camp, where an ambush has been set up for Dutch’s gang. Dutch needs supplies and ammunition, and the army camp is full of both.

When you arrive, the Army captain delivers a status report. One of Dutch’s scouts has seen the camp, and they are most likely already headed back to attack.

Ross moves the armored truck into position. You’ll only have to wait a few minutes before Dutch’s gang attacks from all sides.

Defend the Camp

Red Dead Redemption Weapons Dynamite

Once again, your mini map is your greatest ally here. Use it to spot incoming bad guys before they get into range. Dutch’s men will throw dynamite if you let them get too close, and one well-placed charge will take out both John and the armored truck, so be sure to make them keep their distance.

If you have trouble hitting the men at long range, don’t be afraid to take out their horses. They make much bigger targets and are far easier to hit. The bad guys with dynamite should be your first priority, and they’re easy to spot once the fuse is lit. Try shooting the dynamite rather than the man for a quick (and hilarious) kill.

Give Chase

Red Dead Redemption John Marston

After successfully defending for awhile, Dutch’s men will turn tail and retreat. Naturally, the agents want to pursue, and the armored truck starts to move.

As the truck starts to climb the hill, groups of gang members will appear and attack. Take out the dynamite throwers first, but keep firing constantly.

There’s no cover on the truck, so be sure to use any medicine you’re carrying to heal yourself if John’s health gets low. After awhile, you’ll be prompted to look at an oncoming wagon. It’s loaded with TNT, so you should shoot it immediately.

Another group of ambushers appears about the same time. Keep firing and don’t let them get too close to your truck. As you round the next corner, a well-placed TNT blast topples the truck.

Your mission is complete, but the next one begins automatically.

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