Red Dead Redemption "And the Truth Will Set You Free" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "And the Truth Will Set You Free" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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“And the Truth Will Set You Free”

The second mission of the two-part assault on Dutch and his gang, “And the Truth Shall Set You Free” begins automatically after “And You Shall Know the Truth” ends. The armored car is destroyed, and a battered Ross, Fordham, and John emerge from the wreckage.

The army captain suggests the necessity of taking down Dutch by sundown. Ross answers John’s reluctance by suggesting that his wife might be asked to take his place, should he refuse. John decides to help out, after all.

Ride to Cochinay

Mount your nearby horse and head toward Cochinay. You can either stay with the agents or ride ahead to the destination if you’re in a hurry. The army convoy moves very slowly, but you’ll miss out on a conversation with the captain if you ride ahead.

Either way, the mission continues when you reach Cochinay.

Assault on Cochinay

Take Cover In Red Dead

Your destination is a yellow “X” just outside the gates of Cochinay. When you arrive, the captain orders one of his men to blow the gate open with TNT. Once it’s open, John and his allies charge in.

Inside the gate, Dutch’s men are dug in behind a series of rocks. The soldiers and agents will help you out here, so just keep shooting and move forward with the group. Take cover when you start to take hits.

A second wave attacks as your group begins to climb the hill. Same tactics apply here. Use your mini map to spot any stragglers and move up with the soldiers. Dead Eye can be useful if you’re looking to take out a lot of gang members at once.

The Village

Gatling Gun in Red Dead Redemption

After the second group is eliminated, you’ll get a new waypoint for the village. Move through the second gate and take cover, as another large wave of gang members attacks.

The nearby Gatling gun can be quite useful here, just be careful you don’t get your head blown off as you run for it. The TNT crates conveniently placed around the camp will help you make quick work of the bad guys.

Once the village is clear, a new waypoint appears. Meet the army captain there to continue.

The Inner Fortress

A third gate awaits you. The captain’s plan is simple, the two of you will provide cover as his men set charges to blow it up.

Take cover nearby as the men head toward the gate. Several groups of gang members will appear on the platforms above, and you’ll need to kill them before they can stop the soldiers from planting their TNT. When the last bad guy is dead, the men will run back to cover and the gate will blow. John tells the captain to take care of his men, and rushes forward to take on Dutch by himself.

Showdown With Dutch

Revolver in Red Dead Redemption

Dutch isn’t one to fight fair, and he immediately jumps into an armored gun turret. Two of his men will attack you at the same time, and you’ll have to take them out quickly before Dutch turns you into hamburger with the machine gun.

After the guards are down, a quick cutscene shows a lantern hanging behind Dutch. Seems like the perfect way to encourage him to leave the safety of his turret.

A single well-placed shot will destroy the lantern and start a fire, forcing Dutch from the gun. He runs into a nearby building, and you’ll have to follow the only path available to you, the stairs and ladder that aren’t on fire.

Red Dead Redemption Dutch

Once you reach the top of the ladder, Dutch takes a shot at you, then disappears one again. Give chase, using the only non-flaming path available. Head inside the upstairs building and into the cave behind it.

Around the corner is a mine shaft, and Duth takes another shot from atop the platform. Climb up after him. Upstairs, round the bend and find Dutch once again waiting for you atop a platform. Keep chasing him.

One more turn in the cave and you’ll see the exit. Outside, Dutch peers over the cliff edge. He tosses his gun over the edge, and speaks about the futility of fighting.

He gives up, and John climbs down to pay his respects. Ross appears, and shoots Dutch’s body with his gun.

John’s family has returned home, and his time working for the feds is over.

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