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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Edgar Ross and his federal goons make a dramatic return to the lives of the Marston family in this mission. John will defend his family from the onslaught, but will be unable to escape his fate in the end. This tragic mission isn't the true finale of the game, but it is the last formal mission.

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    "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed" is John Marston's final mission of the game, so be sure you have all of his affairs in order before you begin. You'll be able to continue afterward, but not as John.

    John's old friends have come back to pay him a visit, and the results are not going to be pretty.

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    "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed"

    Jack Marston Jack is hard at work in the barn when John finds him at the beginning of the mission. John is optimistic about the future as the two talk.

    Before long, Uncle calls John outside. He's spotted some riders on the horizon, and he sends Jack inside, telling him not to come outside, no matter what.

    He runs to the house, and John and Uncle prepare for a showdown.

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    Shootout at the Marston Ranch

    Take Cover In Red Dead A group of soldiers attack almost immediately after the cutscene ends. Take cover where you can, and start fighting them off with Uncle's help. Stay behind cover, and use Dead Eye when it's available to take out the multiple soldiers who rush in.

    Once the first group is down, Uncle rushes to the house and you should follow. John heads inside, and tells his family to stay put. Jack, however, has other ideas.

    Take cover on the porch with Jack and Uncle, and start taking out the group of riders that attacks. It isn't long before uncle takes a shot to the chest, and Jack rushes over to check on him. Keep shooting, and be ready to move as another group of riders approaches from the back side of the house. Cover is key here, and don't be afraid to use any medicine you have in your inventory, there's no sense in saving it now.

    Jack is a better shot than John previously thought, and does a good job holding his own in the fight.

    The defense of the Marston Ranch continues of page two, with a full guide to John's final stand and information on the game's true final mission, "Remember my Family."

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    Uncle Says "Uncle"

    Uncle When the second group of riders is dealt with, you'll need to join Uncle where he fell on the porch. He tells John to take his family and run. John leaves him behind and heads outside with his family in two.

    As you head for the barn, another group of riders appears on the hillside. Get to shooting and help John protect his family.

    Once the riders are down, another group will attack while Abby and Jack move toward the barn. Keep them safe by dealing with the soldiers as quickly as possible. Keep shooting, and don't let the soldiers get near them. Use any moonshine or medicine you have on you to keep shooting, and use Dead Eye as much as you can.

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    "Keep Riding and Don't Look Back"

    John's Final Stand John puts his wife and son on a horse, and tells them to take off without him. He says goodbye, and prepares to defend his family's escape. As he opens the door to the barn, a group of soldiers awaits him, guns drawn.

    Dead Eye kicks in, giving John a final chance to take some of the assembled enemies with him as he makes his final stand. Target as many as possible, but ultimately it's not enough. John is riddled with bullets and falls to his knees.

    Ross lights up a cigar as John falls for the last time. His family saved, John's mission is complete.

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    The Marston Family

    Jack Marston The perspective switches to Abigail and Jack, and Abby tells Jack they have to head back for John. Take the reins and ride back to the ranch.

    They find John on the ground in a pool of his own blood. Jack holds his mother and the scene switches to a funeral. John has been buried on the hill, and his family grieves over his grave. "Blessed are the Peacemakers" is his epitaph.

    Years later, Jack Marston, now grown, bids farewell to his mother and father, buried side by side on the hill above their ranch.

    "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed" would be a horribly-depressing way to end the game. Fortunately, Jack ensures that those responsible for his father's death are held accountable in the game's true finale: the "Remember my Family" mission.

    For more Red Dead Redemption guides, walkthroughs, and multiplayer tips, check out our Complete Guide to Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption Jack Marston Missions

Jack Marston is John's son, and once he's freed from the federal agents and back at the family ranch, John decides it's time to teach him a few things about being a man. You'll take him hunting, rescue him from a grizzly bear, and take on the game's final mission together.
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