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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "John Marston and Son"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Jack's been spending a fair bit of time daydreaming about adventures, and John decides it's time for him to start learning a few things about hunting. You'll take Jack deep into the wilderness and show him how to shoot and skin elk, then sell the fruits of his labor.

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    Jack has been spending a lot of time reading adventure books in John's absence, and he's decided it's time for him to get out into the wilderness and have a little adventure himself.

    John takes him into the woods and trains Jack in the art of hunting in the "John Marston and Son" Red Dead Redemption Mission.

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    "John Marston and Son"

    Jack Marston You'll find Jack Marston outside the family home, back against a tree, reading his latest adventure novel. The plot of his latest is eerily similar to the events of Red Dead Revolver, and contains a bit of foreshadowing about his own future.

    John decides the time has come to teach Jack how to hunt elk. Jack is reluctant at first, but eventually agrees to accompany you.

    It's time for Jack to learn how to survive in the wilderness, and how to make a little cash from hunting.

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    Father and Son Hunting Trip

    Red Dead Redemption Horseplay Walk over to your horse, marked on the mini map, and mount up. Once you're mounted, head toward the blue dot on your mini map. The blue dot is the dog, Rufus, and you'll need to follow him as he tracks down an elk for John to kill.

    John and Jack discuss the art of hunting and the recent events in their lives as they ride deeper and deeper into the wilderness. Before long, Rufus will stop running and put his nose to the ground. He's found an elk's trail.

    Keep following Rufus until a red dot appears on your mini map. Shortly after, John will spot the elk. Grab your favorite rifle and take it down before it runs away. Once it's down, ride over to the corpse so John can show Jack how to dress the corpse.

    Wait until Jack is nearby, then skin the carcass as you have undoubtedly done many times before at this point in the game. Once it's skinned, hop back on your horse and be ready to follow Rufus again.

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    Like Father, Like Son

    Rufus immediately finds another elk's trail, and this time it's Jack's turn to take one down. Stay with Rufus as John gives Jack some last-minute hunting advice.

    Eventually, Rufus will locate a group of three elk. Help Jack shoot them all, and then accompany him as he dresses his first carcass. He seems a bit reluctant, but gets the job done. Once he's dressed an elk, it's off to Manzanita.

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    Manzanita Post

    It's time to take Jack to the local trading post and teach him how to sell the fruits of his labor. The yellow waypoint is your destination, head there once Jack's back on his horse.

    Once you arrive, dismount and head into the general store. Sell your elk meat to the shopkeeper. Afterward, mount up and head back to the Marston ranch. Once you hit the hitching post, Jack excitedly dismounts and yoru mission is complete.

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Red Dead Redemption Jack Marston Missions

Jack Marston is John's son, and once he's freed from the federal agents and back at the family ranch, John decides it's time to teach him a few things about being a man. You'll take him hunting, rescue him from a grizzly bear, and take on the game's final mission together.
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