Red Dead Redemption "Remember My Family" Mission Guide and Walkthrough: Get the Game's True Ending

Red Dead Redemption "Remember My Family" Mission Guide and Walkthrough: Get the Game's True Ending
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Jack Marston’s family is dead, and it’s time for him to find those responsible and make them answer for their deeds.

Your contact for this mission is a federal Marshal in Blackwater, and you can only begin after you’ve completed the “The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed” mission.

“Remember My Family”

As Jack Marston, head into Blackwater to start your mission of vengeance. You’ll have all of John’s items and weapons, so there’s little need to equip yourself before you head out.

You’ll find the Marshal at the train station, the very place where we first met John Marston. The man will send Jack toward a cabin on Lake Don Julio, where Ross has supposedly retired to.

Take the nearby stagecoach to get there as quickly as possible.

Lake Don Julio

Ross isn’t home, unfortunately, but his wife is. You’ll find her inside the cabin near the lake. The same cabin, incidentally, where you looked for Irish’s Gatling gun in his first mission.

Ross’ wife tells Jack that Ross has gone on a hunting trip to Mexico with his brother. Depending on how much vengeance you’re looking for, you can kill Ross’ wife after she gives you the information. You’ll find $400 on her corpse, but lose a bit of honor in the process. Kill her or let her live, your next destination is just North of Chuparosa.

The Ross Brothers

Edgar Ross in Red Dead Redemption

Build a campsite and fast travel to the area North of Chuparosa if you’re in a hurry. The Ross brothers have made camp near the broken wall where you found buried treasure earlier in the game as John.

Ross’ brother points you toward Edgar, who is downriver hunting ducks. Like Ross’ wife, you can kill his brother if you so desire. You’ll make some money, but lose honor in the process.

Edgar is just West of your location. Whistle for your horse and head in that direction.

I Am Jack’s Smirking Revenge

Edgar Ross and Jack Marston

You’ll find Edgar near the water. You must walk up and talk to him to finish the mission. If you even target him with a weapon beforehand, you will fail. Dismount and join Ross on the river bank.

Ross finds Jack familiar-looking and Jack reveals his identity. Ross tries to dismiss Jack, but he’s having none of it. A showdown ensues.

A non-lethal resolution is not an option here. You have to shoot to kill or you’ll lose the duel. After all Ross has put you through, though, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Aim for the head, and take revenge for John’s death.

Afterward, Jack holsters his pistol and leaves Ross’ body behind. Redemption achieved, the credits begin to roll.

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