Red Dead Redemption "At Home With Dutch" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "At Home With Dutch" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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Your first mission from Professor MacDougal in Blackwater is “At Home With Dutch.” You’ll accompany the professor and Nastas out into the wilderness, looking for Mr. Van Der Linde’s whereabouts as he recruits young Native Americans for his gang.

“At Home With Dutch”

You’ll find the professor at his office in Blackwater. He’s busy poring over his microscope when John walks in. He’s been comparing the blood of Native American and Caucasian men and has made the astonishing discovery that they are exactly the same. He’ll also offer John a bit of Cocaine. Quite the consummate academic.

Nastas arrives, and has some information about Dutch and his gang. Dutch has been recruiting young Native Americans from the reservation, and Nastas knows a secret way to his location.

Riding With Nastas

Hop on your horse and ride out with the professor and Nastas. The three of you will head up into Tall Trees, and leave the road when Nastas leads.

The professor is far from comfortable in the wilderness, and decides to head back to town when Nastas orders you to dismount and climb the local cliffs.

Climbing With Nastas

Nastas will lead you to a nearby low cliff ledge and offer to boost you up. Once John reaches the top, he helps Nastas follow him.

A wooden barrier blocks your path, and the platform collapses as Nastas climbs it. He advises you to find another way around. Follow the yellow waypoints on your map to find the path.

The first is just to your left and atop a low plateau. Hop up and grab the ledge above the waypoint, then shimmy over to the cliff to your left. Drop down once you’re over solid ground, and follow the path further left until you see another low cliff face. Jump in front of it to climb up.

Now you can just walk over to where Nastas is waiting near the small cabin. He suggests there may be a path through the nearby cave.

Spelunking With Nastas

Follow Nastas into the cave, which turns out to be a mine shaft. You’ll follow him down into the shaft, around a large pile of boulders, and into a dead end.

Nastas leads you back toward the entrance, and a crazed miner jumps out at him, forcing Nastas to shoot. As the cutscene ends, a mine cart filled with TNT rolls down the tracks. Run for the entrance before it blows.

Outside, several miners attack. Take them out quickly, then meet up with Nastas again outside the cave. He advises you to go forward without him.

Climbing Without Nastas

Head back across the valley to the new waypoint. Climb the series of low cliffs then run to your right to climb another. Be ready, though. After you climb the final cliff, a nearby grizzly bear will attack. Shoot in quickly in the head with Dead Eye.

Behind the bear is the next series of cliffs you’ll need to find. Hoist yourself up, then head across to the waypoint. A cougar attacks as you approach, so be ready.

Climb the series of cliffs right beside where the cougar dies, then head back to the left toward the new waypoint. Once you reach the top, a short cutscene reveals a Native American scout. You’ll have to take him out quietly, which probably means a throwing knife. Knife him, then pick up the binoculars.

Going Dutch

Below you lies the fortress of Cochinay. You’ll need to search for Dutch with the binoculars. You’ll find him near one of the tents, as he pulls out a lawman and executes him.

He’ll then spot John and shoot the binoculars from his hand, knocking him out.

John awakes back in Blackwater, safe in MacDougal’s office. After a short conversation, your mission is complete.

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Professor MacDougal is in Blackwater to work on his studies with Native Americans, but he seems more interested in Cocaine than research. He’ll be your guide for a series of missions involving Dutch and his gang of local boys from the reservation.

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