Red Dead Redemption "The Prodigal Son Returns (to Yale)" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "The Prodigal Son Returns (to Yale)" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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Things have gotten a little hot in Blackwater for Professor MacDougal by the time the “The Prodigal Son Returns (to Yale)” mission begins. He’s ready to run back to civilized society, but Dutch and his gang have other ideas.

It’s up to John to protect him while he makes a run for it.

“The Prodigal Son Returns (to Yale)”

You’ll start the mission by knocking on the professor’s door. Inside, he’s nervously packing for his escape. After the events of “For Purely Scientific Purposes,” it’s no big surprise.

MacDougal is afraid for his life, and obviously under the influence of his favorite narcotic. Just as he begins to relax, a nearby window is broken. Outside is Dutch Van Der Linde.

He’ll deliver a few threats, and John offers to take Dutch on by himself. Dutch isn’t having it, though. John has an escape plan, but you’ll have to run along the rooftops to get away.

The Great Escape

Red Dead Redemption Sniper

In a nearby room, one of the saloon’s working girls is entertaining an overweight patron. John and the professor barge in and head out to the balcony.

Follow the professor to the rooftop. On top, the professor has already gotten him into trouble. One of the members of Dutch’s gang was waiting for you, and holds the professor hostage. You’ve seen this scenario before, though. Use Dead Eye and target the bad guy’s head to save the professor.

Once he’s free, he’ll spot several snipers on nearby rooftops surrounding your position. You’ll need to take them all out to continue.

Take cover on the edge of the rooftop. Your elevated position should keep you safe from fire while you’re hidden. Take out the snipers using your mini map to spot their positions. Your best rifle is the ideal weapon for this task. A sniper rifle works well, also.

Rooftop Run

Red Dead Redemption Horseplay

Once the snipers are down, MacDougal will make a break for it. Slide down the nearby ladder and follow him toward the horses. Slide down the ladder to the ground and mount your waiting horse.

Ride with the professor as he heads for Manzanita Post. Along the way, he’ll lament the death of his dream and you’ll get the pleasure of listening.

About the time you hit the crossroads, a group of riders will attack. Use Dead Eye to take them out quickly and keep moving. Stay with MacDougal. Stop too long to fight and you’ll fail the mission for abandoning him.

A second group of riders attacks as you enter the forest, just about the time you cross the railroad tracks. Keep MacDougal alive by killing them quickly, as well.

Get Him to the Train

Catch a Train in Red Dead Redemption

Just around the corner is Manzanita Post, and a train awaits to take the good professor back to society. Walk into the waypoint near the platform and see the professor off.

Once he departs, your mission is complete.

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