Red Dead Redemption "Pestilence" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "Pestilence" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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Domestic bliss and ranch chores continue in the “Pestilence” mission. Now that John’s got himself a new herd of cattle and is ready to start ranching in earnest, it’s time to settle into the daily chores of his chosen vocation.

Abby is concerned about the crows that keep eating all the ranch’s stored grain, and wants John to deal with them. If the crows eat all the grain, there’ll be nothing to feed the cows, which could be a bit of a problem.

It’s not shooting outlaws, surely, but could be fun nonetheless.


Walk into the waypoint in the front of the house to get started on the “Pestilence” mission. Abby is in the kitchen, cooking her usual foul-tasting concoction.

They discuss Jack’s future, and the encroaching tide of technology.

Crows begin to caw from outside, ruining a tender moment. Abby is angry because they keep invading the silo and eating the corn, and sends John outside to deal with them.


Red Dead Redemption unlockable weapons the repeater

The amount of corn remaining in the silo is displayed at the top of your screen as you retake control of John. You’ll need to scare the crows off before they can eat it all.

The best way to complete this particular mission is with liberal application of moonshine and a weapon with a large ammo capacity, like the Evans Repeater or Mauser Pistol. Drink the moonshine to increase your Dead Eye, then target the crows with it and take out as many as possible in one burst.

Concentrate on the crows perched atop the silo at first. They’re easier to target and you’ll consequently be able to take out many more of them with your initial burst. You can target as many crows as you have bullets in your gun, so keep painting those red x’s until you’re ready to empty your gun.

After your initial burst startles the remaining crows into the air, quickly reload then re enter Dead Eye to shoot another group before they start moving too quickly. After the first two bursts, keep shooting any leftover birds, paying special attention to those flying directly into the silo itself, they’ll deplete your grain the fastest.

Birds Fly Away

John Marston

After you’ve shot enough of the crows, a short cinematic shows the rest of them beating a hasty retreat. John is hungry, and decides to head back inside for a taste of Abigail’s infamous stew.

Your mission is now complete, and John is free to head back inside to eat. The grain is saved, for the moment, anyway.

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Abigail is John’s wife, and once she’s free and back on the ranch, she’ll have quite a few tasks for John to complete. It’s time to get things back into working order, and you’ll have to herd cattle, shoot crows, and move a bit of corn before you’re finished.

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